Taking the Shine off Silver Halide Printing

Why we're not a Silver Halide based lab

Finding an eco friendly printing company isn’t just about looking for an eco range within their product portfolio. It’s about eco credentials being at the core of everything they do, including their printing method.


Since the invention of Silver Halide (or C-Prints) c1874, it has been the go-to printing method for photographic labs. Many labs and album manufacturers still use C-Prints as the main printing system for their albums and photographic products. However, being an antiquated technology, the process requires a lot of energy and relies on a heavy chemical process that generates toxic and damaging waste.Unlike many other album and print suppliers, we exclusively offer inkjet printing. Inkjet printing sprays water-based inks onto paper resulting in a beautiful print with no damaging chemicals. In addition, we have developed a show-stopping printer profile that reproduces colour accurately with incredible highlight and shadow detail. If you are thinking of making the eco-conscious switch to inkjet printing, you won't be disappointed with the results.When comparing C-Prints with inkjet printing, inkjet printing came out on top for quality and colour longevity and needed much less power to produce and no toxic chemicals. Our inkjet printing results in a beautiful print that's also eco friendly. It's a win-win! Your prints will last well into the future whilst safeguarding your future.If, like us, you're keen to minimise the environmental impact of your business, we'd recommend asking your lab about the printing methods they use across all of their products. Why not also ask about other materials and supplies they use in their business. You may discover they have some way to go in the quest for sustainability.


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