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Clamshell Box

Give every album the extra special treatment with these beautiful album presentation boxes

Elevate the experience of your Fine Art and Matted Albums with our high quality album boxes. Each viewing becomes a memorable event, while the box ensures protection for generations.

Crafted with precision in our Yorkshire workshop, our Clamshell Box, named after a classic bookbinding method, blends simplicity with elegance. Its hinged lid design makes accessing and storing the photo album effortless.

Every box is a product of skilled craftsmanship, using eco-friendly materials sourced from a renowned Dutch company. Customise with our range of Essential Cotton, Heritage, or Core Fabrics, and add a personal touch with colour choices and closure options like a magnetic clasp, a delicate tie-up ribbon, or a combination of the two, known as a show ribbon.

To further enhance your box, we offer personalisation through sophisticated foil blocking, elegant printing, or detailed engraving, adding that final touch of distinction to your presentation.

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Key features of the Clamshell Box

Handmade to order in Yorkshire, UK

Quality Details

  • Order as an upgrade or as a standalone box

  • Personalise with client or studio details

  • Available in all sizes to fit Fine Art Books & Matted Albums

  • Handmade to order

  • Choice of ribbon tie, magnetic or show-ribbon closure

  • Selection of 22 ribbon colours

  • Cover printing or engraving included

Our range of fabric covering materials

You can order a Clamshell Box in our Essential Cotton, Heritage or Core fabrics. Essential Cotton and Heritage are incredibly robust and made from 100% cotton, with Heritage having an open weave and a more natural, rustic look. The Core Fabric range is made from rayon with a much finer weave. The most popular colour is Pebble, from our Essential Cotton range, but there are also brighter, lighter and deeper options allowing you to complement or contrast with the accompanying album.

On-trend colours that compliment or contrast in a range of beautiful materials

Please note that swatch colours are a guide and may vary from the actual material colour. Swatches can be ordered from our online shop.

Material swatches

Core Fabric
Essential Cotton

    Every shade in the Core Fabric range has been meticulously chosen to resonate with a broad spectrum of moods and styles. Whether it’s the soft whisper of a wedding or the exuberance of a family gathering, there’s a Core Fabric tone ready to complement the narrative.

    While rayon boasts a rich, luxurious feel, it also aligns with our dedication to a low environmental impact. You’re not just choosing a fabric; you’re making a choice for sustainability.

  • Cover fabric material swatch colour White
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Pigeon
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Liberty
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Biscuit
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Lavender
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Petal
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Olive
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Wine
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Fern
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Atlantic

    Experience the raw beauty of 100% pure cotton with our Essential Cotton collection. Crafted with precision, every inch of this fabric tells a tale of authenticity and timeless charm. In choosing Essential Cotton, you’re not just opting for style but also making an environmentally-conscious decision.

    The two-tone effect adds depth and dimension, lending a contemporary flair to classic cotton. With shades that range from the calming greys and greens to the passionate reds and profound blacks, there’s a hue for every story. 

  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Pebble
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Hop
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Woodland
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Peppermint
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Denim
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Ketchup
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Carbon
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Onyx

    Introducing the Heritage Collection – a tribute to the raw, unrefined beauty of nature. Crafted from pure linen and inspired by natural tones. Our shades resonate with tranquillity and warmth. From the delicate hues of ‘Parchment’ and ‘Sea Breeze’ to the grounded essence of ‘Oatmeal’ and ‘Tusk’, each colour captures a feeling of timelessness.

    Our wide-weave design creates a textured fabric that’s both robust and rich to the touch. With the rustic allure of linen complemented by its luxurious feel, the Heritage collection is where strength meets style.

  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Parchment
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Tusk
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Oatmeal

Closure types

Sleek magnet, bow tie or show ribbon

Clamshell Boxes come with either a magnet, ribbon closure or a show-ribbon closure – you can choose. For clients with contemporary tastes, a magnet closure is very clean and streamlined. But a ribbon has a more tactile, romantic feel and is twice as popular. For a blend of the two, the show ribbon combines the magnetic closure with a ribbon bow fixed to the closing flap.

Magnetic closure

A hidden magnetic closure for a Clamshell Box offers a sleek, modern look with a seamless design, ensuring easy access while securely protecting the contents. This type of closure adds a touch of contemporary elegance and functionality, creating a satisfying tactile experience when the box snaps shut.

Bow tie ribbon closure

Using a ribbon as a closure for a Clamshell Box adds an elegant and sophisticated touch, enhancing the overall presentation. It creates an interactive and personal opening experience while providing a secure and customisable way to protect the album inside.

Show ribbon closure

A show-ribbon closure combines the elegance of a ribbon with the practicality of a magnetic mechanism, offering both security and aesthetic charm. This closure style, featuring a pre-tied ribbon attached to the lid, enhances the box with a sophisticated appearance while ensuring ease of use and a satisfying tactile experience.

Ribbon styles

Natural linen, grosgrain or eco-luxury Satin

Choose from our carefully curated selection of ribbon styles, each designed to beautifully complement your album. Our natural finish linen ribbon offers a classic, earthy charm, perfect for those who love understated elegance. For a more textured and contemporary feel, our grosgrain ribbon, made from a high-quality rayon blend, features a distinctive ribbed weave. And for the eco-conscious, our satin ribbon, crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles, combines sustainability with a luxurious, smooth finish. Each option is thoughtfully selected to enhance your album’s presentation, whether you prefer rustic appeal, textured elegance, or sleek sophistication.

Natural linen

Experience the natural charm with our Linen ribbon. Perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance.


Choose Grosgrain for a contemporary twist. Its ribbed texture adds a sophisticated and modern edge.


Opt for eco-luxury with our Satin Ribbon, made from 100% recycled plastic. Sleek, smooth, and sustainably chic.

Please note that swatch colours are a guide and may vary from the actual material colour. It's inadvisable to rely on screen reproduction of colours and textures. Please speak to us about samples.

Material swatches

  • Ice white eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Ice White
  • Bridal white eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Bridal White
  • Pale pink eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Pale Pink
  • Dusty pink eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Dusty Pink
  • Light green eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Light Green
  • Dark green eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Dark Green
  • Teal green eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Teal Green
  • Gold eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
  • Warm grey eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
    Warm Grey
  • Black eco satin ribbon made from recycled plastic
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in light green
    Light Green
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in green
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in dark green
    Dark Green
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in orange
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in red
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in khaki
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in brown
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in blue
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in drak blue
    Dark Blue
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in grey
  • Grosgrain style rayon ribbon in black
  • Natural linen ribbon in a light grey
    Natural Linen

Personalisation for a touch of luxury 

Create an album presentation box just for them

For an extra layer of personalisation, we can add text such as names, dates or meaningful phrases to your album presentation box. And we can also add a bespoke emblem,  such as the couple’s intertwined initials, perfect for weddings, and your studio logo.

The techniques we use to apply this personalisation is either cover printing or laser engraving. We can also use bespoke fonts as well as our wide variety of standard fonts.

Cover Text

Elevate your Clamshell presentation boxes with custom cover text. Personalise each box with your client’s names, their special date, or a meaningful message adding an elegant and sentimental touch that will keep the memories of their special day alive for years. Match the personalisation to the album inside, or create a complimenting message.

Offered in various fonts and styles, custom text turns each Clamshell box into a treasured memento, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of the occasion.

Studio Logo

Enhance your wedding photography offerings with your studio logo on Clamshell presentation boxes. This branding opportunity showcases your professional identity and attention to detail, reinforcing the quality of your service.

For wedding photographers, adding your logo to a Clamshell box is more than just branding; it’s an emblem of your craftsmanship and dedication, leaving a lasting impression and eternally linking your name to the precious memories you’ve beautifully preserved.

Bespoke Client Motifs

A bespoke motif on a Clamshell presentation box adds a unique, personalised touch. This can include custom fonts, a graphic element from the wedding stationery, or the couple’s monogram.

Selecting a bespoke motif for the box allows you to reflect the couple’s individuality and style, transforming their Clamshell box into a truly one-of-a-kind keepsake of their special day.


Packaging to present and protect

If you order a Clamshell Box on its own, each box will come hand-wrapped in our plastic-free bubble wrap. If your Clamshell Box is being ordered as an upgrade to an album, then your album will be carefully packaged for transport. 

Do we only produce wedding albums?

Although we specialise in handcrafting the perfect wedding albums, we’ve worked with professional photographers to create all sorts of wonderful photo albums, from the arrival of a little one and family gatherings to boudoir portraits and corporate gifting. 

Production time

Our range of album presentation boxes are all handmade to order in our Yorkshire workshop within 10 working days. 

Please note that our production times may change during our busy period, which is typically October-December. 

Works well with

Take your client experience to the next level with these perfect pairings

Fine Art Albums

Our Clamshell Boxes are designed to perfectly hold our range of albums. Pair a Fine Art Album or Matted Album with our album presentation boxes for a premium package.

Matted Album

The Matted Album, with its timeless elegance and tactile depth, finds its perfect match in the Clamshell Box, elevating the presentation and preservation of your cherished memories. Together, they create a luxurious keepsake experience, ensuring that each special moment is protected and showcased with unparalleled sophistication.

Matted Print Box

Take a look at our 10x8" and 12x10" Matted Print Box. These beautiful fine art prints are available in a range of quality papers and are kept safe in a handcrafted box. The mats are designed to perfectly fit standard frames, or they can be stored in the box for safe keeping.

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Kate Cowan

I’ve just received my first Fine Art album for my newborn photography business and it is just absolutely stunnng! I just love it. The help and support I had from the staff at Folio putting together the album was second to none and everybody I have spoken to has been just so lovely and helpful. I’m sure the quality of the album will sell itself and I will definitely be using Folio as my album supplier. Just brilliant!

Kate Cowan

Kalaco Portrait

Mailys Fortune

We have been working with Folio Albums from the beginning, the artisan products they create & their customer service is absolutely amazing! We love them and highly recommend them!

Mailys Fortune

Mailys Fortune Photography

Mark Battista

Why on earth would you use anybody else! Folio Albums make the very best quality albums that you will have ever seen, they are all beautifully handmade, ethically sourced and exquisitely presented! I have used a number of album suppliers over the ten years that I have been a professional photographer but none with the same level of attention to detail and customer focus as Folio Albums – their customer service is second to none! When you’re a busy photographer it’s nice to know that your album supplier has got your back. If you asked me to recommend an album supplier, I’d recommend Folio Albums in a heartbeat! Thank you for being amazing! 🙂

Mark Battista

Mark Battista Photography


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