Fine art albums and print products for professional photographers

Thank You Box

Deliver your professional photography as fine art prints, sealed in a presentation box.

The Thank You Folio is from our collection of products designed to enhance your client experience, market your business and encourage product sales.

Low-cost luxury

Elegantly bridge the gap between digital and tangible with the Thank You Box, a sophisticated yet affordable way to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Designed for both digital-only and product-conscious photographers, this innovative box serves as a luxurious surprise that can significantly enhance print and album sales.

Prints included

Each box, crafted to fit through a letterbox, contains five archival 6×4″ matted prints wrapped in vellum, a personalised thank you note, and a premium card sleeve, all nestled in a Heritage Fabric base. Add a touch of elegance with pre-made motifs in gold or silver foil. Plus, with direct drop shipping to your client and the option to customise the thank you note with a QR code to further engage, the Thank You Box is the ultimate tool to ‘wow’ your clients and encourage future sales.

Handcrafted photography packaging

Discover the features of the Thank You Box

The Thank You Box was designed with both digital-only and product-conscious photographers in mind to offer a high-quality yet low-cost print product whilst also acting as a surprise luxury gift to encourage album or print sales.

5x mounted fine art prints

Fine art paper to showcase your photography

In your Thank You Box, you can include 5 fine art prints available in our popular Art White paper. Each archival print is matted with high-quality, reinforced mounts.

Base material & sleeve colourways

Create signature photography packaging

Choose from our range of 4 beautiful neutral materials from our Heritage Range for your box base and either Smooth Grey or Smooth Vanilla for your card sleeve.



Sea Breeze


Personalise your thank you message

Make it special for every client

Customise your Thank You Box with a foiled message on the sleeve and a custom thank-you card for the perfect gift packaging. Download our Canva templates to create your thank you card or freestyle the design. You can also choose between 2 pre-made motifs for the paper sleeve, including ‘fine art prints’ or ‘thank you’. 


Production time

Your order will be ready to ship in 5 working days meaning they are the perfect way to send your clients a sneak peek of their shoot or wedding photos, printed in fine art print and beautifully displayed. Add a QR code to your thank you card to get them in the mindset of ordering an album whilst providing your clients with an exceptional client experience.

Please note that our production times may change during our busy period, which is typically October-December. 

Works well with

Take your client experience to the next level with these perfect pairings

Fine Art Album

To take your album sales game to the next level a Studio Sample Album is a must! The best way to sell an album is to show your clients what they will be getting. We offer fantastic discounts on all our Sample Albums plus Rewards Points to support you with your investment in us. 

Matted Album

Ready to get your clients seriously excited to build their album? Then the Album Sales Assistant is for you. Once your clients see and feel the options, they’ll be ready and raring to place an order

Every_ Album

Our Every_ range of books are optimised versions of our Fine Art Books that embody all the usual Folio Albums qualities. Your book will be printed to the same quality as our Fine Art Album, the only difference being the paper. The Every_ Album is printed on a fine matte fine art paper with the same weight and feel as our Art White stock, with a slightly higher white point.

We're here to help

Find yourself here with a question?

As a professional photographer, you know that every wedding you capture is a unique work of art. Just like selecting the right lens or finding the perfect lighting, choosing the ideal album manufacturer is a crucial decision that can make or break your client’s experience.

At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

No matter what queries are on your mind, we’re ready to have a conversation. Click the “Schedule a Call” button below, and let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can complement your photography with our exceptional albums. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to support you and your business.

A black and white photo showing one of the Folio Albums team helping a photographer via a Zoom call.

Oh stop it, you're making us blush

Feedback we love to share

Victoria Maher

I had been considering albums for along time and had followed Folio on Instagram for quite sometime and was always drawn in by the class and beauty of not only their albums but their prints too.

So I bit the bullet and decided to place an order for a sample album. I could not be happier with how it went. For buttons I forgot to click or just things I wanted to add on, Folio were incredible. I spoke with both Becky and Julie, mostly Becky who was incredibly patient and helpful with my many confusions. Starting into albums is quite daunting and I really appreciate how they bend over backwards to help.

Thank you and I look forward to getting my albums from you in the future!

Victoria Maher

Vicki Maher Photography

Eimear O'Donnell

Incredible customer service. Stewart and his team go above and beyond to ensure their customers receive the best possible product and genuinely care about customer satisfaction. Their product and the whole ordering process is impeccable and I’m so proud to be able to offer something so beautiful to my customers too. Could not recommend Folio Albums enough!

Eimear O'Donnell

Eimear O'Donnell Photography

Hollie Nicole

love the matte paper. My customers love their albums.

Hollie Hollinshead

Hollie Nicole Photography


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