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It makes us blush when our clients say we’re the best wedding album company. But instead of letting it go to our heads, we channel the praise into making our products and services better today than they were yesterday and better tomorrow than they are today.

Carefully crafted in Britain

Best wedding album company

Everything we produce is handmade to order at our workshop in Yorkshire. So we can make sure each album is truly special – whether you have bespoke requests, want lots of personalisation or just want to be certain you’ll get an exceptional finish. 

Best wedding album company based in Yorkshire

Traditional techniques the modern way

Our workshop is climate-controlled and has specialist lighting to help us maintain our stringent standards of consistency and quality. It’s manned by our talented team, which takes huge pride in crafting beautiful pieces that your clients will treasure forever.

Although we use age-old production techniques, we apply modern lean manufacturing principles. This reduces the distance between each process to improve both efficiency and quality.

Eagle eyes check every detail

During production, your album is inspected by at least seven pairs of discerning eyes. If any of the team are unsure about any aspect of your order they’ll contact you personally to double check.

While we can’t guarantee that we’ll spot photographers’ mishaps, we do our very best. In the past, we’ve picked up mistakes including misspelled names, duplicate images and Photoshop errors. And even an album cover date that was different from the date showing on the order of service in an image.

Exquisite craftsmanship in every corner

At Folio Albums, we believe that the details make all the difference. That’s why our bindery team meticulously hand skive and prepares each corner of an album’s leather cover. This dedicated process ensures that every corner is perfectly square and free from unsightly bulges

Unlike many other album manufacturers who opt for round corners or folding that leaves pronounced bulges, our approach prioritises both aesthetics and quality. Round corners may be easier to make, but they don’t sit well with a square book block. Our time-consuming process requires craftsmanship, but it is this commitment to perfection that sets us apart.

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop at the corners, however. Every part of your album and our service has been honed and refined, and we continually seek further improvements. 

Unparalleled client service

Our commitment to exceptional service is what truly sets us apart from the rest. When you place an order with us, our team meticulously checks every detail to ensure accuracy. With numerous configuration options available, we understand that occasional mishaps can occur. By thoroughly reviewing orders before they enter production, we help catch and resolve any issues, ensuring your product is perfect from the start.

We pride ourselves on being more than just a supplier; we strive to be a trusted partner to professional photographers. Our client experience team is always on hand to assist you, whether by email, web chat, WhatsApp, or telephone. With multiple ways to reach us, you can rest easy knowing we’re here to help. Our goal is to provide a worry-free service helping make running a photography business that little bit easier. 

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No greenwashing our impact

Since our launch in 2010, sustainability has been at the heart of every business decision we make at Folio Albums. While some companies are just now jumping on the sustainability bandwagon, we’ve been committed to eco-friendly practices from day one. We deplore greenwashing, a practice all too common in our industry, and instead, we genuinely integrate sustainable technologies into our production processes.

Our dedication to the environment is evident in our use of inkjet printing on fine art paper, a much more sustainable option compared to traditional silver-halide printing, which is notorious for being chemical and energy-intensive. By choosing these greener technologies, we minimise our environmental impact while maintaining the highest quality standards. To learn more about our ongoing sustainability efforts, visit our Impact page.

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We are specialists in fine art printing and album making

We are dedicated specialists in fine art printing and album making, allowing us to concentrate our energy on becoming the best wedding album company. Unlike other companies that offer fine art albums as an aside to their main silver-halide offerings, our focus has always been on fine art printing. This specialisation recognises us as masters in the field, setting us apart from others who spread their efforts across various different products and technologies.

As pioneers, we were the first in Europe to introduce this type of wedding album to the industry, establishing the benchmark for fine art albums that others follow and are measured against. We haven’t rested on our laurels; we continue to innovate, ensuring our products meet and exceed professional photographers’ evolving needs. Our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation helps our clients enhance their businesses, providing them with unparalleled quality and support.

We're here to help

Find yourself here with a question?

As a professional photographer, you know that every wedding you capture is a unique work of art. Just like selecting the right lens or finding the perfect lighting, choosing the ideal album manufacturer is a crucial decision that can make or break your client’s experience.

At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

No matter what queries are on your mind, we’re ready to have a conversation. Click the “Schedule a Call” button below, and let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can complement your photography with our exceptional albums. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to support you and your business.

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Oh stop it, you're making us blush

Feedback we love to share

Mauro Arena

I could not be happier with the quality of Folio Album products; prints and albums are just stunning. My clients are so happy about how the images look and also about how the paper feels at the touch. Superior quality! But this is not all. Folio Albums Customer Service is incredibly helpful, kind and fast at answering any query or at resolving any mistake I sometimes make when ordering my product. I could not work with anybody else but Folio Albums.

Mauro Arena

Mauro Arena Photographer

Hollie Nicole

love the matte paper. My customers love their albums.

Hollie Hollinshead

Hollie Nicole Photography

Garrett Brady

You’ll never have another company who have your back like these folks. They spotted an error in my work and worked extra hard to make things right. Come on, thats above and beyond!!

Garrett Brady



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