We're not Suede by Velvet

Not offering velvet is a conscious decision

You might be wondering why we don’t offer velvet style covers? We’ve seen the popularity of velvet and synthetic suedes grow and we get it, they look beautiful, but at what cost?


Did you know that most velvets are not sustainable materials? Most velvets today are produced using synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon which contain micro plastics. This means it's not biodegradable and can have a big negative impact on the planet.

Many other album suppliers offer a velvet style cover and we can’t say for sure how their velvet is produced. Velvet can be produced from silk which is a more traditional method and doesn’t contain plastics. However it’s extremely expensive, so unless you are paying large album upgrades, it may be best to check in with any album suppliers if you’re looking for eco options.

Offering velvet covers that are currently on the market would not align with our eco values due to the sourcing and the additional waste it would inevitably create. We know many of you love the look of velvet and we will continue our search for a truly eco friendly velvet. However, until we do, we will remain passionate about creating beautiful albums that have as little impact on the planet as possible.

For us, we choose to say no to non eco!


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