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Wedding album personalisation options

Small details mean a lot. So we’ve continued to expand our personalisation techniques over the years to give you more flexibility. You can add names, dates, your studio logo, bespoke emblems of the happy couple’s initials and more.

Our techniques for covers and boxes include time-honoured methods such as debossing, through to modern laser engraving and state-of-the-art cover printing. And if our standard fonts aren’t what you’re looking for, you can get creative with our bespoke options.

Personalisation Packages

To keep things simple, we now offer album cover personalisation as a package. It gives you a clear pricing structure and enables you to offer as much or as little personalisation on the cover as you like for a set price.

We can add your studio logo to the back cover and you can choose from a selection of options to personalise your cover:

Front Cover

  1. One or two lines of text in one of our standard fonts.
  2. Text using a bespoke font supplied as a graphic.
  3. Pre-made text motifs.
  4. A standard-sized or large bespoke client logo.
  5. Full cover printing of a custom design.

Back Cover

  1. A bespoke client logo
  2. Your studio logo

Certain methods work best on different cover materials, but we can guide you through to make sure you get the best finish for your clients keepsake.

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Cover personalisation options

Make your album personal with our range of customisations

Small details mean a lot. We’ve significantly expanded our personalisation techniques so we can offer greater flexibility with no compromise on quality.

Want to add names, dates, your studio logo, or even bespoke emblems of the happy couple’s initials? Our techniques for covers and boxes include time-honoured methods such as debossing & foiling, through to modern laser engraving and state-of-the-art printing. If our standard fonts don’t meet your requirements, we can offer additional fonts to meet your specifications.

Cover Text

Elevate your wedding album with custom cover text. Personalised with your names, wedding date, or heartfelt message, it adds a touch of elegance and sentimental value that will remind your clients of their special day for years to come.

Available in a range of fonts and styles, cover text transforms any album into a cherished keepsake, beautifully crafted to perfection.

Premade Text

Choose from our range of pre-made text motifs with phrases perfect to suit any book design, from wedding albums and portrait albums right through to your yearly highlights.

Studio Logo

Enhance your wedding photography business by adding your studio logo to your clients’ albums. Showcase your brand identity and professionalism by customising the cover with your brand.

For a wedding photographer, it’s not just a logo; it’s a mark of quality and trust, leaving a lasting impression and ensuring that your name is forever connected to the cherished memories you’ve expertly captured.

Bespoke Client Motifs

A bespoke motif is a unique graphic or decorative element that is used to personalise the album. This could be custom fonts, a graphic from the wedding stationery or the couple’s monogram.

Bespoke motifs can be chosen to reflect the individuality and personal style of the couple, making their wedding album truly one-of-a-kind.

Endpaper Foiling

On our Fine Art Album, Matted Album or Guest Book we can foil your studio logo or a bespoke motif in gold or silver to the first or last endpaper. It’s always placed in the bottom right corner and is a nice way to subtly add your studio branding to a book.

Personalisation methods

Choose from a range of personalisation methods to best suit your cover choice

Cover Printing
Laser Engraving
Blind Debossing
Foil Debossing
22ct Gold or Palladium

Cover printing

Cover printing is a cutting-edge technique that adds a touch of brilliance and sophistication to your wedding album covers.

It’s a process that involves using UV light to cure specially formulated white or black ink that is applied to the cover material. The result? Stunning, high-definition cover text, studio logo or motif with intricate detail.

Laser engraving

To engrave your text or logo, we use a highly accurate laser to precisely remove the top layer of the material, revealing its natural hues beneath.

Laser engraving is a versatile and durable personalisation technique that can be used on most of our materials. If you are looking for a way to personalise your album with a natural finish, then laser engraving is a great option.

Blind debossing

Blind debossing, also known as blind blocking, stamping or simply debossing, is a traditional method of imprinting into a surface without ink or foil. It creates a subtle yet elegant and tactile finish.

The debossing process begins with individually typesetting brass characters or, for studio logos or motifs, a brass die is created. The brass text or die is then heated and pressed into the material, creating a depression in the shape of the design. 

Blind debossing is a versatile technique that can be used on many of our cover materials but is especially suited to leather. 

Foil debossing

Foil blocking, also known as hot stamping, is a process of imprinting metallic foil into a material to create a really eye-catching finish. It is similar to debossing, but instead of simply impressing the letters into the material, a thin layer of metallic foil is pressed into the indentation.

Similar to debossing, foil blocking begins with the meticulous arrangement of individual brass characters. Alternatively, for studio logos or intricate motifs, a custom brass die is made to order. This precision-crafted brass component is then heated and pressed into the material, accompanied by a layer of coloured metallic foil. The result? A striking depression in the material, beautifully shaped to mirror your design with a luxurious metallic finish.

22ct gold & palladium

We are proud to offer 22-carat gold lettering and logos for our leather album covers. This is a dazzling and luxurious finish that is sure to make your album stand out from the crowd. We believe that we are the only album supplier to offer this unique service to you and your clients.

The process is secret, and some may say it’s alchemy, but we can confirm that the final stage involves us hand-laying 22-carat gold leaf to reproduce your text, logo or motif.  The finish is something to behold and is a great choice for photographers or clients who want to a luxury finish.

If you prefer a silvery finish, then we also offer Palladium as an alternative to 22-carat Gold.

Cover text placement

Choose the right placement for you

Find the perfect text layout for your text or design, We can place standard cover text or a bespoke motif in our title position, which sits in the top third of the album. Or you can go for our original option of placing it in the optical centre. This is a spot around 10% higher than the cover’s physical centre. It’s accepted as a natural position to give the page balance, as objects in the physical centre look as if they’re actually below the centre. 

A landscape format wedding album from Folio Albums sitting on a marble counter and viewed from above with wedding album personalisation options

Opitcal Center

A eco friendly fine art wedding album in a fabric cover sitting on a box and next to green plants

Title position

Fantastic fonts, both standard and bespoke

For debossing and foil blocking, our standard font choice is Bebas, Prata, Helvetica or Coronation (a font used in traditional bookbinding similar to Century Gothic).

For printing, engraving and 22-carat gold, we offer Bebas, Bombshell, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Magarella, Melinda, Montserrat, Prata, Times, Trajan and Univers.

If you’d like to use any other font, we can do that. We just need a 600dpi JPG of the text in black. There are limits to the size we can personalise based upon the method and album, so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. If the custom design is being engraved, printed, or applied with 22-carat gold, there’s no extra charge on top of the personalisation bundle. For debossing or foil blocking, we need to make a bespoke die, so there’s an additional charge.

Digital standard fonts (click to expand)

Deboss & foiling standard fonts (click to expand)

Presentation options

We’re proud of our albums so it makes sense that we want to package them in the loveliest way possible for a memorable unveiling. We’ve developed a range of boxes and bags to suit wedding albums to family keepsakes.

Bag it or wrap it ...

All of our square Fine Art Albums, including the 6×6″, come in a natural cotton bag. Our portrait and landscape Fine Art Albums and Matted Albums are presented in a natural cotton wrap. As well as looking great, our bags and wraps do the practical job of keeping the contents clean and dust-free.

Naturally great bags and wraps

We don’t mess with our 100 per cent cotton. It’s produced from ethical sources, unbleached, and washed in recycled water so as not to waste a natural resource. Its natural qualities are evident in every fibre. All in all, our bags look fantastic set against the natural craft of our boxes, which are also included in the price of albums. Our cotton bags and wraps are made in the U.K.

As standard for our Matted Albums and A4 and A5 Fine Art Albums, we include a natural cotton wrap with a tailored bow for a stylish finish. The wraps not only look wonderful but also help you to lift albums in and out of the box and double up as handy display mats.

Box clever with our range of album boxes

As standard, all of our Fine Art Albums and Matted Albums arrive in a kraft cardboard box which boasts excellent eco-credentials together with our exclusive tree design.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to our stylish Clamshell Boxes.

Our gorgeous kraft cardboard boxes with every album

Our kraft cardboard boxes are made from 80 per cent recycled material and 20 per cent from FSC sources.

The way they’re produced, transported, and stored cuts down on waste as far as possible. We keep the decoration simple with our tree logo and a discreet mention of our name. You can also opt for a plain kraft box or add your studio logo for an additional fee.

Our boxes are sized to fit our 12×12”, 10×10” and 8×8” albums and we provide an insert for A4, A5 and 6×6” albums. Because the boxes for our two largest sizes need to be that bit stronger, we put in paper pulp corner protectors to ensure there is no damage during delivery.

All Fine Art Albums and Matted Albums come in a kraft cardboard box as standard.

Clamshell boxes

Designed in-house by our brilliant team, our popular Clamshell Boxes take their name from an old book-binding technique and can be ordered as an upgrade for both our Fine Art Albums and Matted Albums.

The boxes have a nice structural flow with a hinged lid connected to the base. We use board made by a Dutch company with top eco-credentials and encase it in any of our pure Core Fabric, Essential Cottons or Heritage fabrics.

Clamshell Boxes come with either a magnet, ribbon closure or a show-ribbon closure – you can choose. For clients with contemporary tastes, a magnet closure is very clean and streamlined. But a ribbon has a more tactile, romantic feel and is twice as popular. For a blend of the two, the show ribbon combines the magnetic closure with a ribbon bow fixed to the closing flap.


We can further personalise Clamshell Boxes with foil blocking, printing or engraving.

Learn more about Clamshell Boxes
A green leather bound fine art wedding album in a fabric wrapped clamshell box

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