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Introducing Studio Sample discounts

Sample discount on wedding albums

Immerse your clients in the experience

Incorporating a Studio Sample album into your sales strategy is a strategic move with the potential to enhance sales significantly. This Studio Sample is a tangible representation of your best work and provides a way for prospective clients to directly engage with an album. Offering a glimpse into the craftsmanship, design, and meticulous attention to detail that distinguishes your photography, it establishes confidence and trust.

By putting the actual Studio Sample product on display, you empower clients to make well-informed purchasing decisions. Furthermore, a Studio Sample creates a lasting positive impression, increasing the likelihood that clients will recall and select your photography when making a final decision.  

  • Distinguishing Studio Samples from client albums

    When you opt for a Studio Sample album, your album will be made to the same quality and specification as a client album with the only difference being the addition of ‘STUDIO SAMPLE’ on the back cover. If you’ve personalised the front cover, the same method will be used to add ‘STUDIO SAMPLE’ to the back cover.

    In cases without personalisation, we’ll select a suitable method for the material. There are no restrictions when ordering a Studio Sample, allowing you to configure the perfect album to show off to your clients. 

  • Discount and reward scheme for Studio Sample albums

    Studio Sample products are available at a discounted price. For detailed pricing information, check the Pro Zone, and be sure to watch for occasional promotions to maximise your benefits. Recognising your investment in both your business and ours through sample product orders, we’ve implemented an extensive Studio Sample discount and reward program to assist you.

    • Introducing our studio sample rewards points program

      Investing in studio samples can be a significant expense, and we understand the value of your investment. That’s why, as part of our Studio Sample Rewards Program, not only do you receive a discount on your Studio Samples, but we also reward you with 50% of the purchase price (after discounts and before tax) in the form of Reward Points. These points can be applied towards future purchases, helping you offset the cost of your sample investment.

    • Accessing and managing your reward points

      You can conveniently manage your Reward Points by logging into your account and navigating to the ‘Points & Rewards’ section. Once you’ve earned points from your Studio Sample purchases, they will automatically be deducted from your cart during your next online shop purchase. If you prefer to exclude your reward points during checkout, you have the flexibility to do so.

      Important points to Note:

      • Rewards points are calculated based on the product cost before tax and exclude shipping fees.
      • Points are credited to your account after the item has been shipped.
      • Points are exclusive to the main Folio Albums shop.
      • Keep in mind that Reward Points expire after a year, so make the most of them when you can. 
    • How the reward program works:

      Earning Points:- Earn Rewards Points with the purchase of Studio Sample products only.

      • Each £2 spent on a Studio Sample equals 1 Reward Point (post any other discounts and pre-tax).
      • Points are credited to your account upon order shipment.
      • Reward Points have a one-year expiration period.
      • If an order is cancelled, Reward Points will not be credited.
    • Redeeming points:

      • Redeem Reward Points for discounts on any product within the shop.
      • 1 Reward Point equals a £1 discount against a product’s ex-VAT value.
      • Points cannot be used for shipping costs.
      • Reward Points are applicable only for online purchases and cannot be used through other purchasing methods.

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    As a professional photographer, you know that every wedding you capture is a unique work of art. Just like selecting the right lens or finding the perfect lighting, choosing the ideal album manufacturer is a crucial decision that can make or break your client’s experience.

    At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

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    Victoria Adams

    Couldn’t recommend the team or the products from Folio highly enough, simply the best service, help and support and products which have a quality and style that is absolutely top notch – thanks for being awesome – can’t wait to get my next lot of ordered goods!

    Victoria Adams

    Victoria Adams Photography

    Megan Donati

    Hands down the best albums you will ever buy! The team at folio are amazing at helping you find the right products for your brand and clients. The quality of the albums is amazing and the attention to detail is great. Thank you folio!

    Megan Donati

    Megan Donati Photography

    Archie Cameron Blackie

    We started providing our Wedding Albums from Folio last year, and our couples absolutely love them. The quality is great, and the service is top class. Very pleased to be working with them for the coming year and I’m sure our couples will be too!

    Archie Cameron-Blackie

    Bowl of Corks Photography


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