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Luxury Print Folder

Fine art printing paired with luxury presentation

This versatile product suits a whole range of photography genres and functions, from introducing your wedding clients to the world of fine art printing to commercial photographers showcasing a creative portfolio.

Whichever way you choose to use our Luxury Print Folder, the A4 fine art prints within and the stylish vellum insert will leave a lasting impression.

Our A4 Luxury Print Folder brings back the joy of flipping through physical prints, allowing couples to connect with their memories more intimately and profoundly.

Enhance your client experience and album sales with this premium product by including a complimentary thank you card. Feature a QR code in your design to direct your clients seamlessly to your custom album design, PicTime gallery, or album brochure, which also offers the opportunity to increase your album sales in a non ‘salesy’ way.

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Key Features of the Luxury Print Folder 

Handcrafted in our Yorkshire workshop

Make it personal

  • 4 colour choices with complimentary ribbon
  • Option to add a thank you card
  • Up to 4 A4 Fine Art Prints
  • Choose any of our high-quality, archival paper types, including the option for deckled edge prints
  • Personalise the front cover with  standard text
  • Add your logo to the inside panel
  • A wide range of personalisation options including, debossing, cover printing and foiling.
  • Choose to add either ‘Fine Art Prints’ or ‘Thank You’ to the vellum overlay

Our premium papers

Fine Art Print Papers Designed for Luxury Presentation

Our papers are designed to showcase your photography at it’s best. From wedding photography to architecture and commercial shoots. They create a professional portfolio or outstanding wedding after-shoot gift. 

Art White or
specialist fine art papers

Choose Art White paper for its vibrant clarity and smooth finish or one of our 4 specialist fine art papers. 

A hand holding several fine art prints of a wedding

Deckled Edge Prints

Using the 310gsm Textured White paper made with a mix of cotton rag and alpha cellulose, each side of the print has a uniquely soft, feathered edge, enhancing the tactile experience.

A hand holding a fine art print with a deckle edge
  • Folio Art White

    Weight: 200gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Bright white
    Texture: Smooth


    Folio Albums Art White is a smooth, matt paper which produces highly saturated images whilst maintaining brilliant highlight and shadow detail and also produces beautiful detail in black and white imagery. We recommend this paper for landscapes and wedding imagery.

    Swatch of Folio Albums Art White 200gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Gallery Pearl

    Weight: 300gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Natural white
    Texture: Smooth


    Gallery Pearl has a silk/satin finish with a naturally warm base tint. The coating on this paper has been applied to a Baryta layer which helps reproduce deep blacks and creamy whites. We recommend this paper for portraits and landscapes in both black and white and colour.

    Swatch of Folio Albums Gallery Pearl 300gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Photo Rag

    Weight: 285gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Cotton
    Base colour: Warmer
    Texture: Light texture


    Photo Rag has a smooth matt finish and reproduces skin tone detail beautifully. We recommend this paper for portrait and wedding imagery.

    Swatch of Photo Rag 285gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Photo White

    Weight: 285gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Bright white
    Texture: Light texture


    Photo White is a textured, matt paper perfect for colourful images which will pop against this bright white paper. It can also reproduce unrivalled tonal gradations on black and white imagery. We recommend this paper for portraits, wedding imagery and landscapes.

    Swatch of Photo White 285gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Textured White

    Weight: 310gsm
    Base fibres: 25% Cotton, 75% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Mid white
    Texture: Medium texture


    Textured White 310 has a lovely rough weave that produces a textured and undulated paper finish. It has a mid-white base with a perfectly matt finish. This paper produces print sharpness with amazing highlight and shadow detail. We recommend this paper for landscapes or any images with high detail.

    Swatch of Textured White 310gsm fine art paper

Add a thank you

Send a personalised thank you with every folder

Each Luxury Print Folder includes a customisable 6×4″ thank you card, allowing photographers to add a personal touch with every order. Easily create a heartfelt message to show your appreciation and leave a lasting impression on your clients.


Production time

Your order will be ready to ship in 5 working days meaning they are the perfect way to send your clients a sneak peek of their shoot or wedding photos, printed in fine art print and beautifully displayed. Add a QR code to your thank you card to get them in the mindset of ordering an album whilst providing your clients with an exceptional client experience.

Please note that our production times may change during our busy period, which is typically October-December. 



  • Is the Luxury Print Folder available on Etsy UK?

    We are not available on Etsy; our luxury print folders are only available on our website. They are presentation folders for professionals. 

  • Can Luxury Print Folders be conference folders designed to hold documents?

    We urge you to be creative! This product can be used for all kinds of purposes, including holding documents, certificates and more.

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Kate Cowan

I’ve just received my first Fine Art album for my newborn photography business and it is just absolutely stunnng! I just love it. The help and support I had from the staff at Folio putting together the album was second to none and everybody I have spoken to has been just so lovely and helpful. I’m sure the quality of the album will sell itself and I will definitely be using Folio as my album supplier. Just brilliant!

Kate Cowan

Kalaco Portrait

Mailys Fortune

We have been working with Folio Albums from the beginning, the artisan products they create & their customer service is absolutely amazing! We love them and highly recommend them!

Mailys Fortune

Mailys Fortune Photography

Mark Battista

Why on earth would you use anybody else! Folio Albums make the very best quality albums that you will have ever seen, they are all beautifully handmade, ethically sourced and exquisitely presented! I have used a number of album suppliers over the ten years that I have been a professional photographer but none with the same level of attention to detail and customer focus as Folio Albums – their customer service is second to none! When you’re a busy photographer it’s nice to know that your album supplier has got your back. If you asked me to recommend an album supplier, I’d recommend Folio Albums in a heartbeat! Thank you for being amazing! 🙂

Mark Battista

Mark Battista Photography


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