Fine art albums and print products for professional photographers

Fine art prints for professional photographers

Fine Art Prints

Spectacular image quality. Our promise to you.

Word spread about the quality of the fine art printing in our books. As a result, we received many requests for a service allowing you to order professional prints to complement our albums. The idea made absolute sense to us. 

After spending so much time perfecting the quality of our books, it’s only right that we should share the love a little more by creating perfect printed gifts for family and friends. Discover the beauty of fine art printing, and become inspired to print more as your images are transformed into tactile masterpieces. Our dedication to using the latest printing technology ensures that each print captures the essence of the captured moment, providing a visual experience and physical connection that a digital screen cannot match.

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Fine art prints for professional photographers

As experts in our field, you can rest assured that we’ve selected the best papers and calibrated and confirmed the accuracy of our printing to ensure the highest quality print. 

With a commitment to quality and sustainability, our fine art prints are not just the best choice; they’re a timeless treasure, preserving your special moments for future generations. What’s more, unlike traditional lustre and glossy photo paper, which contains gelatine, our papers are vegan-friendly. 

We offer a focused range of standard prints that we know sell well. We also offer custom sizes if needed. Prints are presented wrapped in tissue paper, and we also offer photographic matted prints and deckled edge prints.

Beautiful fine art prints for a lasting impression

We know our archival prints will wow because our books do, and without the constraints the book bind process imposes, we can take our ICC colour profiles to the top end of their capability.

We use inkjet printing (sometimes called giclée) to achieve the best quality printing, resulting in a stunning image finish. What’s more, as our fine art paper has a matt finish, your images spring to life without the distracting glare created by glossy prints. 

We trim, check, mount and deckle by hand and pride ourselves on the care and attention we give to every single print. Of course, images are only as good as papers and inks, and ours have the best print quality with archival benefits.

Our fine art prints are of outstanding quality and fit for the print-passionate photographer such as yourself.

Matted prints in frame friendly sizes

Our fine art printing service now offers a stunning range of matted prints, perfect for photographers looking to present their work with an added touch of sophistication. Alongside our standard loose fine art prints and deckle-edged fine art prints, our matted prints provide a beautifully framed presentation that enhances the visual appeal of your images.

Crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as our Matted Print Box, our matted prints are available in the same high-quality specifications. Each print is mounted on a 1.4mm conservation-grade board, ensuring durability and a pristine presentation. The textured white mount finish adds a classic and timeless border, perfectly complementing the fine art prints.

Our matted prints come in two styles: frame-friendly mounting for easy framing and double-matted style for a more substantial, luxurious feel.

Fine art papers

Our range of papers for professional photo printing

We have worked hard to source the highest quality and a select range of papers so you can produce the perfect prints. From our most popular Folio Albums Art White to papers with a texture or pearl finish, you are sure to find the paper to suit your images.

  • Folio Express Print

    Weight: 230gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Bright white
    Texture: Smooth


    Our Express Print brings high-quality matt fine art printing, but at an economical price. Only available in 6x4" and on a bright white 230gsm paper, these prints are suitable for any type of photography.

    Swatch of Folio Albums Express Print 230gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Art White

    Weight: 200gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Bright white
    Texture: Smooth


    Folio Albums Art White is a smooth, matt paper which produces highly saturated images whilst maintaining brilliant highlight and shadow detail and also produces beautiful detail in black and white imagery. We recommend this paper for landscapes and wedding imagery.

    Swatch of Folio Albums Art White 200gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Gallery Pearl

    Weight: 300gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Natural white
    Texture: Smooth


    Gallery Pearl has a silk/satin finish with a naturally warm base tint. The coating on this paper has been applied to a Baryta layer which helps reproduce deep blacks and creamy whites. We recommend this paper for portraits and landscapes in both black and white and colour.

    Swatch of Folio Albums Gallery Pearl 300gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Photo Rag

    Weight: 285gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Cotton
    Base colour: Warmer
    Texture: Light texture


    Photo Rag has a smooth matt finish and reproduces skin tone detail beautifully. We recommend this paper for portrait and wedding imagery.

    Swatch of Photo Rag 285gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Photo White

    Weight: 285gsm
    Base fibres: 100% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Bright white
    Texture: Light texture


    Photo White is a textured, matt paper perfect for colourful images which will pop against this bright white paper. It can also reproduce unrivalled tonal gradations on black and white imagery. We recommend this paper for portraits, wedding imagery and landscapes.

    Swatch of Photo White 285gsm fine art paper
  • Folio Textured White

    Weight: 310gsm
    Base fibres: 25% Cotton, 75% Alpha Cellulose
    Base colour: Mid white
    Texture: Medium texture


    Textured White 310 has a lovely rough weave that produces a textured and undulated paper finish. It has a mid-white base with a perfectly matt finish. This paper produces print sharpness with amazing highlight and shadow detail. We recommend this paper for landscapes or any images with high detail.

    Swatch of Textured White 310gsm fine art paper

Mats in two styles

Frame-friendly mats or double-matted prints

Our matted prints come in two distinct mat styles to suit your presentation needs:

Frame-friendly mats

Designed for versatility and ease of display, our frame-friendly mats are perfect for clients who wish to frame their prints. Each mat is crafted from high-quality, 1.4mm conservation board, providing a sturdy yet elegant border that enhances the visual appeal of your prints. These mats ensure that your photos are protected and beautifully presented, making them ready for framing without any additional adjustments. The Matted Print Box can hold 25 frame-friendly mats.

Double-matted prints

For a truly luxurious presentation, our double-matted prints offer added thickness and durability. These mats feature an additional layer of conservation board on the back, doubling the thickness to around 3mm. This style not only provides extra protection for your prints but also creates a more substantial and tactile feel, ideal for showcasing on a coffee table or as a standout display piece. The double-matted option is perfect for clients who want a handling-friendly and impressive way to present their cherished images.

Both mat styles are designed to complement our fine art prints, ensuring your work is displayed with the highest quality and professionalism. Whether your clients prefer the frame-ready convenience of the frame-friendly mats or the luxurious feel of the double-matted prints, our options provide flexibility and elegance for every occasion. The Matted Print Box can hold 15 double-matted prints.

Frame-friendly mat style

Double-matted mat style

Available print aperture sizes

Mat Size6x4" Print7x5" Print8x6" Print10x8" Print

10x8" print size apertures

12x10" print size apertures

Why we don't offer traditional wet prints

Sustainability is at the core of our businesses, so we only use modern printing technologies.

Say no to gelatine and heavy metals

We do not offer silver halide or C-type photographic prints as the development process is chemically demanding, and the paper contains animal gelatine, heavy metals, and plastics—materials not aligned with vegan-friendly practices or our environmental sustainability values. 

No harsh chemicals

Our fine art printing, on the other hand, uses advanced inkjet technology to produce vibrant, lifelike colours and exquisite detail without the use of animal products, significantly reducing environmental impact. By choosing our fine art inkjet prints, you’re not just getting unmatched quality; you’re also making a choice that respects our planet and aligns with ethical values. Step into a greener, more compassionate world of photography with us.


Production time

Our turnaround time on Fine Art Prints are 2-3 days.

Please note that our production times may change during our busy period, which is typically October-December. 

Works well with

Take your client experience to the next level with these perfect pairings

Fine Art Album

Individual wedding prints or family prints are beautiful, but you can tell the whole story by offering your client a beautiful lay-flat album. A Fine Art Album is a great way to show the wonderful moments from a special occasion in a page-turning story format.

Thank You Folio

If you're looking for a simple yet elegant way to upsell more prints, then the Thank You Folio is the answer! Inside the folio, we include two of your images expertly printed by our team. And on the front, there is a custom thank you card with a link or QR code taking your clients to their online gallery. Once delivered, your clients will engage with your call to action, peel off the thank you card and proudly display their images. It's the perfect thank-you gift and sales tool. 

Matted Print Box

Build a bigger collection of prints with our handcrafted Matted Print Box that can hold up to 25 matted prints. Personalise to make a wonderful keepsake.

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As a professional photographer, you know that every wedding you capture is a unique work of art. Just like selecting the right lens or finding the perfect lighting, choosing the ideal album manufacturer is a crucial decision that can make or break your client’s experience.

At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

No matter what queries are on your mind, we’re ready to have a conversation. Click the “Schedule a Call” button below, and let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can complement your photography with our exceptional albums. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to support you and your business.

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Feedback we love to share

Mauro Arena

I could not be happier with the quality of Folio Album products; prints and albums are just stunning. My clients are so happy about how the images look and also about how the paper feels at the touch. Superior quality! But this is not all. Folio Albums Customer Service is incredibly helpful, kind and fast at answering any query or at resolving any mistake I sometimes make when ordering my product. I could not work with anybody else but Folio Albums.

Mauro Arena

Mauro Arena Photographer

Victoria Adams

Couldn’t recommend the team or the products from Folio highly enough, simply the best service, help and support and products which have a quality and style that is absolutely top notch – thanks for being awesome – can’t wait to get my next lot of ordered goods!

Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams Photography

Sarah Gray

I have been using Folio Albums for years now & their Fine Art albums make the most beautiful family heirlooms. The quality is excellent, the packaging is eco & their customer service is second to none! They always go above & beyond 🙂

Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray Photography


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