Fine art albums and print products for professional photographers

Fine art album paper in a wedding album

Fine Art Album

Clean and simple lines for exquisite presentation

Where we began. Hand-bound and using the finest quality cover materials, papers and inks, our Fine Art Albums have captured the attention of professional photographers all over the world. Since their launch in 2010, our books have become the industry standard that others have tried to emulate.

We haven’t meddled with the original format. Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photographic art can be displayed across two pages.

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Key features of the Fine Art Album

What makes our albums the best?

Design freedom

  • Lay flat binding with an almost invisible crease
  • Design across-the-crease and with full bleed
  • Up to 50 double-page spreads (100 sides)
  • Design yourself, or save time with our free design service

Make it personal

  • A choice of two page weights/thicknesses
  • An incredible range of personalisation options
  • Full-grain leather and vegan-friendly materials

Built to last

  • Archival-quality materials to last a lifetime
  • Made with high-quality fine art paper for a perfect matte finish
  • HD pigment printing with superior highlight & shadow detail
  • Handmade in the UK at our workshop in Yorkshire

Album sizes

A book to cater for all sizes

Fine Art Albums are available in the classic square formats of 12x12”, 10x10", 8x8” and 6x6". Alternatively, if you love the landscape or portrait formats you can also choose A4 or A5.

A eco friendly fine art wedding album in a fabric cover sitting on a box and next to green plants

Square Album

  • 12x12" / 30x30 cm
  • 10x10" / 25x25 cm
  • 8x8" / 20x20 cm
  • 6x6" / 15x15 cm
A landscape format wedding album from Folio Albums sitting on a marble counter and viewed from above with wedding album personalisation options

Landscape Album

  • A4 - 11.7x8.3" / 29.7x21 cm
  • A5 - 8.3x5.8" / 21x14.8 cm
A grey leather portrait format wedding album from Folio Albums placed on a wooden floor viewed from above.

Portrait Album

  • A4 - 8.3x11.7" / 21x29.7 cm
  • A5 - 5.8x8.3" - 14.8x21 cm

Cover materials

Wedding and family albums beautifully covered

When it comes to our albums, we want the finished result to look sublime. Be inspired by the colour of bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, or the season itself.

Something for everyone. Choose the perfect material from a large range, including real leather, cotton, linen, silk, vegan-friendly fabric, and photo covers.

Leather Fine Art Album

Our extensive Contemporary Leather range includes 24 of the finest genuine leathers with beautiful textures and finishes. The perfect long-lasting material for any wedding photo album.

A 12x12" leather wedding album in a distressed style sandstone colour shot from above.

Fabric Fine Art Album

Choose from 3 different fabric ranges, including Essential Cotton, Heritage Fabrics and Core Fabric.

Silk Fine Art Album

Our silk has been sourced for its natural quality and beauty and is available in a range of vibrant colours that shimmer under the light. Please be aware that our silk covers do contain slubs which, in our opinion, is part of the natural beauty.

Modern colour palettes, perfect for either complementing or providing a striking contrast

Please note that swatch colours are a guide and may vary from the actual material colour. Swatches can be ordered from our online shop.

Material swatches

Contemporary Leather
Core Fabric
Essential Cotton

This collection is unrivalled in its quality and colour range. Each of the 24 shades has its own unique character and they’re all genuine natural leathers. We source them from manufacturers who offer the very finest quality and durability and have strict animal welfare policies.

If you love the natural and imperfect characteristics of leather to come bursting through then choose either Latte, Sandstone, Dusk, Graphite, Truffle or Saddle. These semi-aniline leathers have character and soul. For those who enjoy the look and feel of nubuck leather, then look no further than Cityscape, Moorland, Mountain Moss and River. All of the other colours are fully finished leathers with a consistent colour and tone.

  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Porcelain
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Cashew
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Mist
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Pewter
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Blush
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Peony
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Regency Blue
    Regency Blue
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Jade
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Sage
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Forest Green
    Forest Green
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Honey
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Airforce Blue
    Airforce Blue
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Morello
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Sandstone
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Latte
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Saddle
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Truffle
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Dusk
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Graphite
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Ebony
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Cityscape
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Moorland
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Mountain Moss
    Mountain Moss
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour River

    Every shade in the Core Fabric range has been meticulously chosen to resonate with a broad spectrum of moods and styles. Whether it’s the soft whisper of a wedding or the exuberance of a family gathering, there’s a Core Fabric tone ready to complement the narrative.

    While rayon boasts a rich, luxurious feel, it also aligns with our dedication to a low environmental impact. You’re not just choosing a fabric; you’re making a choice for sustainability.

  • Cover fabric material swatch colour White
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Pigeon
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Liberty
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Biscuit
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Lavender
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Petal
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Olive
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Wine
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Fern
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Atlantic

    Experience the raw beauty of 100% pure cotton with our Essential Cotton collection. Crafted with precision, every inch of this fabric tells a tale of authenticity and timeless charm. In choosing Essential Cotton, you’re not just opting for style but also making an environmentally-conscious decision.

    The two-tone effect adds depth and dimension, lending a contemporary flair to classic cotton. With shades that range from the calming greys and greens to the passionate reds and profound blacks, there’s a hue for every story. 

  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Pebble
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Hop
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Woodland
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Peppermint
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Denim
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Ketchup
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Carbon
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Onyx

    Introducing the Heritage Collection – a tribute to the raw, unrefined beauty of nature. Crafted from pure linen and inspired by natural tones. Our shades resonate with tranquillity and warmth. From the delicate hues of ‘Parchment’ and ‘Sea Breeze’ to the grounded essence of ‘Oatmeal’ and ‘Tusk’, each colour captures a feeling of timelessness.

    Our wide-weave design creates a textured fabric that’s both robust and rich to the touch. With the rustic allure of linen complemented by its luxurious feel, the Heritage collection is where strength meets style.

  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Parchment
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Tusk
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Oatmeal

    Dive into a world where pure silk graces every touch. Our silk collection embodies the epitome of luxury, delivering a tactile experience that is as visually stunning as it is sensuous to the touch.

    Every slub in the weave tells a story, adding character and depth to the fabric. These slight irregularities, inherent to pure silk, enhance its beauty, making every piece unique, authentic, and true to its origin.

  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Frost White
    Frost White
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Champagne
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Gold
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Powder Blue
    Powder Blue
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Storm

Personalisation options

Make your album personal with our range of customisations

Small details mean a lot. We’ve significantly expanded our personalisation techniques so we can offer greater flexibility with no compromise on quality.

Want to add names, dates, your studio logo, or even bespoke emblems of the happy couple’s initials? Our techniques for covers and boxes include time-honoured methods such as debossing & foiling, through to modern laser engraving and state-of-the-art printing. If our standard fonts don’t meet your requirements, we can offer additional fonts to meet your specifications.

Cover Text

Elevate your wedding album with custom cover text. Personalised with your names, wedding date, or heartfelt message, it adds a touch of elegance and sentimental value that will remind your clients of their special day for years to come.

Available in a range of fonts and styles, cover text transforms any album into a cherished keepsake, beautifully crafted to perfection.

Studio Logo

Enhance your wedding photography business by adding your studio logo to your clients’ albums. Showcase your brand identity and professionalism by customising the cover with your brand.

For a wedding photographer, it’s not just a logo; it’s a mark of quality and trust, leaving a lasting impression and ensuring that your name is forever connected to the cherished memories you’ve expertly captured.

Bespoke Client Motifs

A bespoke motif is a unique graphic or decorative element that is used to personalise the album. This could be custom fonts, a graphic from the wedding stationery or the couple’s monogram.

Bespoke motifs can be chosen to reflect the individuality and personal style of the couple, making their wedding album truly one-of-a-kind.

Endpaper Foiling

Endpapers are the very first and last two pages of a book, one side of which is fixed directly to the front and back cover. We have a wide range of endpaper colours to choose from to either tie in or contrast with your cover or images.

The endpaper can also be personalised with a studio logo or bespoke motif in gold or silver foil debossing.

Personalisation methods

Pick the perfect personalisation technique to complement your cover choice

Cover Printing
Laser Engraving
Blind Debossing
Foil Debossing
22ct Gold or Palladium

Cover printing

Cover printing is a cutting-edge technique that adds a touch of brilliance and sophistication to your wedding album covers.

It’s a process that involves using UV light to cure specially formulated white or black ink that is applied to the cover material. The result? Stunning, high-definition cover text, studio logo or motif with intricate detail.

Laser engraviing

To engrave your text or logo, we use a highly accurate laser to precisely remove the top layer of the material, revealing its natural hues beneath.

Laser engraving is a versatile and durable personalisation technique that can be used on most of our materials. If you are looking for a way to personalise your album with a natural finish, then laser engraving is a great option.

Blind debossing

Blind debossing, also known as blind blocking, stamping or simply debossing, is a traditional method of imprinting into a surface without ink or foil. It creates a subtle yet elegant and tactile finish.

The debossing process begins with individually typesetting brass characters or, for studio logos or motifs, a brass die is created. The brass text or die is then heated and pressed into the material, creating a depression in the shape of the design. 

Blind debossing is a versatile technique that can be used on many of our cover materials but is especially suited to leather. 

Foil debossing

Foil blocking, also known as hot stamping, is a process of imprinting metallic foil into a material to create a really eye-catching finish. It is similar to debossing, but instead of simply impressing the letters into the material, a thin layer of metallic foil is pressed into the indentation.

Similar to debossing, foil blocking begins with the meticulous arrangement of individual brass characters. Alternatively, for studio logos or intricate motifs, a custom brass die is made to order. This precision-crafted brass component is then heated and pressed into the material, accompanied by a layer of coloured metallic foil. The result? A striking depression in the material, beautifully shaped to mirror your design with a luxurious metallic finish.

22ct gold & palladium

We proudly offer 22-carat gold lettering and logos for our leather covers. This is a dazzling and luxurious finish that is sure to make your album stand out from the crowd. We believe that we are the only album supplier to offer this unique service to you and your clients.

The process is secret, and some may say it’s alchemy, but we can confirm that the final stage involves us hand-laying 22-carat gold leaf to reproduce your text, logo or motif.  The finish is something to behold and is a great choice for clients who want a luxury finish.

If you prefer a silvery finish, then we also offer Palladium as an alternative to 22-carat Gold.

Our premium fine art papers

Acid-free with a beautiful matte finish

If you’re not familiar with photographic fine art paper, the first thing you’ll notice is the completely matte finish and the high-definition printing. It’s the quality of our printing and paper that is one of the main reasons why so many photographers love our Fine Art Album. We don’t compromise.

The Art White paper comes in two different styles to suit your requirements. We start with the same high-quality paper and then either bond the sheets back to back to create a 400gsm page with a nice flexible feel, or we add an additional archival substrate for a substantial 600gsm thicker finished page.

Mini copies, parent albums or duplicates

Made to be gifted. Memories to be shared.

An extra album or two makes for a meaningful and heartfelt gift for family members, friends, or even future generations. These aren’t mere duplicate albums; they’re companion albums brimming with unforgettable moments. Take advantage of cost-effective pricing and provide your clients with the gift of lasting memories for their loved ones. With the same exceptional quality as the main album, these copies are the perfect way to expand your product offerings and give your clients a valuable keepsake to share with family and friends.

A copy can be in any size, but we’ve also created the 6×6” and A5 albums as the perfect smaller direct copy of a main album. Also known as parent albums, they are perfect for clients to present to family and friends.

Mini copies are available in any of our materials with Core Fabric, Essential Cotton and Heritage being the most popular.

Two mini copy albums with leather covers and gold foiling on a round table

Packaging to present and protect

Designed with a focus on sustainability

Each album comes in a natural cotton bag and a kraft cardboard presentation box to keep it clean and safe. Cardboard presentation boxes are available in our beautiful tree motif design or ordered plain. Plain cardboard boxes come with the option of being personalised with a bespoke motif in either black or white printing.

We take great pride in carefully checking and packaging each album for shipping, which is why professional photographers worldwide trust us to drop ship orders directly to clients.

Want something extra special? You can also upgrade to one of our handcrafted Clamshell Boxes.


Album design

Make use of our free online designer, voted the top 3 album designer in the popular YPWP website 2023 survey of professional photographers.

If you prefer software from a 3rd party, we’ve partnered with various design software companies, including SmartAlbums and Fundy.

Finally, for those who like to outsource their album design, we also offer a free album design service, helping you to focus on running your business while we pick up some of the heavy lifting.

Do we only produce wedding albums?

Although we specialise in handcrafting the perfect wedding albums, we’ve worked with professional photographers to create all sorts of wonderful photo albums, from the arrival of a little one and family gatherings to boudoir portraits and corporate gifting. 

Production time

Our Fine Art Albums are on a 10 working day turnaround from the day we receive your print-ready files.

Please note that our production times may change during our busy period, which is typically October-December. 

Works well with

Take your client experience to the next level with these perfect pairings

Clamshell Box

Upgrade your albums' packaging with a custom Clamshell Box to add extra luxury. Showcasing beautiful craftsmanship, our boxes are all individually handmade using high-quality materials. Mix and match the cover material and choose from a magnetic, ribbon or show ribbon closure option and personalisation with names and or logos.

Thank You Folio

If you're looking for a simple yet elegant way to deliver a digital download link, then the Thank You Folio is the answer! Inside the folio, we include two of your images expertly printed by our team. And on the front, there is a custom thank you card with a link or QR code taking your clients to their online gallery or pre-designed album layout. Once delivered, your clients will engage with your call to action, peel off the thank you card and proudly display their images. It's the perfect Thank You gift and sales tool.

Matted Print Box

Take a look at our 10x8" and 12x10" Matted Print Box. These beautiful fine art prints are available in a range of quality papers and are kept safe in a handcrafted box. The mats are designed to perfectly fit standard frames, or they can be stored in the box for safe keeping.

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As a professional photographer, you know that every wedding you capture is a unique work of art. Just like selecting the right lens or finding the perfect lighting, choosing the ideal album manufacturer is a crucial decision that can make or break your client’s experience.

At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

No matter what queries are on your mind, we’re ready to have a conversation. Click the “Schedule a Call” button below, and let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can complement your photography with our exceptional albums. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to support you and your business.

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Victoria Adams

Couldn’t recommend the team or the products from Folio highly enough, simply the best service, help and support and products which have a quality and style that is absolutely top notch – thanks for being awesome – can’t wait to get my next lot of ordered goods!

Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams Photography

Megan Donati

Hands down the best albums you will ever buy! The team at folio are amazing at helping you find the right products for your brand and clients. The quality of the albums is amazing and the attention to detail is great. Thank you folio!

Megan Donati

Megan Donati Photography

Archie Cameron Blackie

We started providing our Wedding Albums from Folio last year, and our couples absolutely love them. The quality is great, and the service is top class. Very pleased to be working with them for the coming year and I’m sure our couples will be too!

Archie Cameron-Blackie

Bowl of Corks Photography


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