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Mini Copies

Duplicate albums perfect for parents and family

Our Mini Copies are a lovely way for your clients to thank family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen with their very own album. As exact duplicates of the main album design, they are made in precisely the same way, with the same high-quality materials and print methods. They even come wrapped in a cotton bag and in their own presentation box.

While mirroring the main album’s design, Mini Copies offer the flexibility to customise the cover material, colour, and personalisation. This means each Mini Copy can be uniquely tailored to suit the tastes of whoever is lucky enough to receive one.

As they’re so portable, smaller album duplicates let recipients easily share images with friends and family to relive their special day. They’re keepsakes to cherish forever.

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A beautiful album, small but perfectly formed

Mini Copy vs Every_ Mini Copy

At Folio Albums, we understand that every memory and every recipient of those memories is unique. That’s why we offer two distinct versions of our smaller albums: the standard Mini Copy and the economically priced Every_ Mini Copy. Both are crafted with the same care and attention to detail but cater to different preferences and needs.

The standard Mini Copy mirrors the main album in a compact form, perfect for those clients who desire a faithful replica of their treasured memories. It’s ideal for presenting a consistent story in a smaller, gift-friendly format. You can customise the personalisation, cover material and colour, allowing a touch of individuality while keeping the essence of the main album.

On the other hand, the Every_ Mini Copy offers less flexibility for customisation but, in doing so, allows for a more economical price. You can choose from a smaller range of cover materials and a selection of pre-made cover texts in either gold or silver foiling.

Mini Copy = The full gamut of cover and personalisation options
Every_ Mini Copy = Reduced options for optimised pricing

The standard Mini Copy and the Every_ Mini Copy have been designed to bring joy and lasting memories to everyone who holds them. Choose the one that best fits your needs, or mix and match to create the perfect collection of keepsakes for your clients.

Ideas for mini albums - parent wedding albums to coffee table books

A coffee table book to be enjoyed

Many couples also like mini albums for themselves. It means they, and other people, can look through their photos again and again while their larger heirloom album is put away for safekeeping. 

Mini duplicate albums can be downscaled versions of bigger albums with a square format and A5 mini copies can be duplicates of A4 books. You can purchase them at the same time as a main album or later down the line. You can also use the Mini Copy to create duplicates of Matted Albums. 

The perfect wedding package

These petite replica albums make for great parent wedding albums. Your clients can thank their parents for their love and support on their special day with a matching mini-wedding book. They are a way to say, ‘You are an important part of my life.’

Key features of the Mini Copy album

What makes our duplicate albums the best?

Common features

  • HD pigment printing with superior highlight & shadow detail
  • Multi-copies discount
  • Archival-quality materials to last a lifetime
  • Lay flat binding with an almost invisible crease
  • Made with high-quality fine art paper for a perfect matte finish
  • Handmade in the UK at our workshop in Yorkshire
  • Studio sample discounts

Mini Copy

  • Full-grain leather and vegan-friendly fabric cover materials
  • Incredible range of personalisation options
  • Up to 50 double-page spreads (100 sides)

Every_ Mini Copy

  • Our Every_ range is designed for smaller-budget weddings
  • Fabric cover choices from the Heritage range
  • A choice of pre-made cover text
  • Up to 25 double-page spreads (50 sides)
Two mini copy albums with leather covers and gold foiling on a round table

Mini Copy sizes

Miniature but meticulously made

Mini albums are available in the same shape as the larger book they’re duplicating – so they’re either a 6x6” duplicate of a square format or an A5 duplicate of a portrait book.

Mini Copy

  • 6x6" / 15x15 cm
  • A5 Portrait - 5.8x8.3" - 14.8x21 cm
  • A5 Landscape - 8.3x5.8" / 21x14.8 cm

Every_ Mini Copy

  • 6x6" / 15x15 cm

Cover materials

Your choice of cover for each copy

Mini Copy

You can match mini duplicate covers to the main album or choose a different cover for each one so they’re more personal. The price includes fabrics from our fabulous Core Fabric, Heritage, and Essential Cotton ranges with a gorgeous array of colours. You can also upgrade to Contemporary Leather or Silk.

Every_ Mini Copy

The Every_ Mini Copy album is available in the Heritage fabric range only. We chose the Heritage range as it's versatile and incredibly popular. We've seen these fabrics used for weddings, newborn shoots, family sessions as well as pet photography and more besides. These timeless tones just work.

On-trend colours that compliment or contrast in a range of beautiful materials

Please note that swatch colours are a guide and may vary from the actual material colour. Swatches can be ordered from our online shop.

Material swatches

Contemporary Leather
Core Fabric
Essential Cotton

This collection is unrivalled in its quality and colour range. Each of the 24 shades has its own unique character and they’re all genuine natural leathers. We source them from manufacturers who offer the very finest quality and durability and have strict animal welfare policies.

If you love the natural and imperfect characteristics of leather to come bursting through then choose either Latte, Sandstone, Dusk, Graphite, Truffle or Saddle. These semi-aniline leathers have character and soul. For those who enjoy the look and feel of nubuck leather, then look no further than Cityscape, Moorland, Mountain Moss and River. All of the other colours are fully finished leathers with a consistent colour and tone.

  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Porcelain
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Cashew
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Mist
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Pewter
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Blush
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Peony
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Regency Blue
    Regency Blue
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Jade
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Sage
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Forest Green
    Forest Green
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Honey
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Airforce Blue
    Airforce Blue
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Morello
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Sandstone
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Latte
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Saddle
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Truffle
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Dusk
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Graphite
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Ebony
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Cityscape
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Moorland
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour Mountain Moss
    Mountain Moss
  • Contemporary leather material swatch colour River

    Every shade in the Core Fabric range has been meticulously chosen to resonate with a broad spectrum of moods and styles. Whether it’s the soft whisper of a wedding or the exuberance of a family gathering, there’s a Core Fabric tone ready to complement the narrative.

    While rayon boasts a rich, luxurious feel, it also aligns with our dedication to a low environmental impact. You’re not just choosing a fabric; you’re making a choice for sustainability.

  • Cover fabric material swatch colour White
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Pigeon
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Liberty
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Biscuit
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Lavender
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Petal
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Olive
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Wine
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Fern
  • Cover fabric material swatch colour Atlantic

    Experience the raw beauty of 100% pure cotton with our Essential Cotton collection. Crafted with precision, every inch of this fabric tells a tale of authenticity and timeless charm. In choosing Essential Cotton, you’re not just opting for style but also making an environmentally-conscious decision.

    The two-tone effect adds depth and dimension, lending a contemporary flair to classic cotton. With shades that range from the calming greys and greens to the passionate reds and profound blacks, there’s a hue for every story. 

  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Pebble
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Hop
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Woodland
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Peppermint
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Denim
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Ketchup
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Carbon
  • Essential cotton material swatch colour Onyx

    Introducing the Heritage Collection – a tribute to the raw, unrefined beauty of nature. Crafted from pure linen and inspired by natural tones. Our shades resonate with tranquillity and warmth. From the delicate hues of ‘Parchment’ and ‘Sea Breeze’ to the grounded essence of ‘Oatmeal’ and ‘Tusk’, each colour captures a feeling of timelessness.

    Our wide-weave design creates a textured fabric that’s both robust and rich to the touch. With the rustic allure of linen complemented by its luxurious feel, the Heritage collection is where strength meets style.

  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Parchment
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Tusk
  • Heritage fabric material swatch colour Oatmeal

    Dive into a world where pure silk graces every touch. Our silk collection embodies the epitome of luxury, delivering a tactile experience that is as visually stunning as it is sensuous to the touch.

    Every slub in the weave tells a story, adding character and depth to the fabric. These slight irregularities, inherent to pure silk, enhance its beauty, making every piece unique, authentic, and true to its origin.

  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Frost White
    Frost White
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Champagne
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Gold
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Powder Blue
    Powder Blue
  • Silk fabric material swatch colour Storm

Our premium papers

Archival-quality for a keepsake to treasure

Our Mini Copies are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as our full-sized albums, and a crucial part of that quality is the fine art paper we use. The Mini Copy is available in Art White, a premium paper known for its outstanding archival qualities, vibrant colours, and sharp definition.

For the Every_ Mini Copy, we use a specially selected paper that matches the quality and characteristics of the Every_ Album. This paper is similar to Art White but features a slightly higher white point, giving your images an extra touch of brightness and clarity. Like Art White, this paper is archival, providing excellent colour reproduction and definition, ensuring your photos are presented in the best possible light.

Both papers are chosen for their exceptional quality and longevity, making our Mini Copies a perfect keepsake for your cherished memories.

Mini Copy

Because of the reduced size, we make all our mini books as Fine Art Albums and not as Matted Albums. This means they’re made using our much-loved Art White paper with a robustness that prevents ink transfer and a white point that aids contrast and saturation. It has a completely matte finish and is perfect for our high-definition printing.

Learn more about papers >

Every_ Mini Copy

We’re known for our fine art paper and for the Every_ Album version we haven’t made any compromises. The paper is very similar to our standard Art White but with a slightly higher white point. It has the same weight and beautiful matte finish allowing your images to sing off the page without interruption from reflections, glare or shine.

Learn more about papers >

Personalisation options

Mini Copy

Our smaller duplicate albums have a ton of options to make them unique to your clients. With our standard Mini Copy, you can change the text, font, motifs and even the techniques – from foil blocking to laser engraving. You could, for example, add cover text such as ‘For mum and dad’, ‘Wedding day’ or perhaps the wedding date and the couple’s names.

Fine Art Album personalisation >

Every_ Mini Copy

Our curated range of pre-made stamps allows you to add a little extra personalisation to your cover. Whether the album is used to showcase your beautiful fur baby, or records the memories from a special occasion, there is something suitable for every book.

Every_ Album personalisation >

Packaging to present and protect

Special presentation for a truly special gift

As these petite albums are often given as gifts, presentation is all-important, so we send them in a natural cotton bag and high-quality Kraft cardboard box as standard. Clients who want to add extra impact or are keeping an album on their coffee table and want to protect it can upgrade to an elegant handmade Clamshell box.

We take great pride in carefully checking and packaging each album for shipping, which is why professional photographers worldwide trust us to drop ship orders directly to clients.

Easy to order

Our mini duplicate albums have been specially designed to replicate your previously purchased album so your clients can have a little version to carry around, give as a gift, or keep as a backup. Since we already have your design files stored for over 5+ years, you can order these mini albums at any time – either along with your main album or later on.

However, we’d like to note that these mini albums will follow the design and layout of your original album and no internal modifications can be made. You can, however, make changes to the outer cover and personalisation details as you see fit.

These mini albums offer your clients a wonderful opportunity to own a compact version of their cherished memories or to share them with family and friends. Whether they’re ordering their primary album or considering a mini duplicate, you can now provide them with the flexibility to choose exactly when they’d like to add one to their collection

Works well with

Take your client experience to the next level with these perfect pairings

Fine Art Book

A Mini Copy is the ideal complement to a Fine Art Book, offering a portable, shareable version of cherished memories. It lets family and friends relish the same exquisite quality and personalisation, ensuring everyone connected to those special moments has a tangible piece of the story to treasure.

Matted Album

The Matted Album, with its timeless charm, goes hand-in-hand with a Mini Copy, giving you a smaller, yet just as beautiful, snapshot of your favorite moments. It's a great way to keep the spirit of your main album alive in a cute, shareable format that friends and family will adore.

Every_ Album

The Every_ Mini Copy is an ideal match for the Every_ Album, especially for budget-conscious weddings. It offers a cost-effective way to share the joy, mirroring the Every_ Album’s accessible elegance in a smaller, more affordable format. This pairing ensures everyone can cherish the special day without compromising on quality.

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At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

No matter what queries are on your mind, we’re ready to have a conversation. Click the “Schedule a Call” button below, and let’s arrange a time to discuss how we can complement your photography with our exceptional albums. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re here to support you and your business.

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Kate Cowan

I’ve just received my first Fine Art album for my newborn photography business and it is just absolutely stunnng! I just love it. The help and support I had from the staff at Folio putting together the album was second to none and everybody I have spoken to has been just so lovely and helpful. I’m sure the quality of the album will sell itself and I will definitely be using Folio as my album supplier. Just brilliant!

Kate Cowan

Kalaco Portrait

Mailys Fortune

We have been working with Folio Albums from the beginning, the artisan products they create & their customer service is absolutely amazing! We love them and highly recommend them!

Mailys Fortune

Mailys Fortune Photography

Mark Battista

Why on earth would you use anybody else! Folio Albums make the very best quality albums that you will have ever seen, they are all beautifully handmade, ethically sourced and exquisitely presented! I have used a number of album suppliers over the ten years that I have been a professional photographer but none with the same level of attention to detail and customer focus as Folio Albums – their customer service is second to none! When you’re a busy photographer it’s nice to know that your album supplier has got your back. If you asked me to recommend an album supplier, I’d recommend Folio Albums in a heartbeat! Thank you for being amazing! 🙂

Mark Battista

Mark Battista Photography


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