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Free wedding album design software

There are lots of options for designing your album, and we’re compatible with the best album design software available.

Designing Your Perfect Album: Software Options for Photographers

Creating a stunning photo album is an essential part of showcasing your work and preserving your client’s cherished memories. At Folio Albums, we understand that every photographer has unique preferences when it comes to designing their albums. That’s why we support a variety of design software options to fit your individual needs and style.

Folio Albums’ Free Browser-Based Design Software

For a seamless and intuitive design experience, we offer our very own free browser-based design software. This tool is specifically crafted to help you easily create beautiful, professional albums right from your web browser, without the need for any downloads or installations. Our software provides a user-friendly interface, a wide range of customisation options, and instant access to our library of templates and design elements, making the album creation process both enjoyable and efficient.

Free Album Design Service

Not every photographer has the time or inclination to design their albums, and that’s perfectly okay. To support you in delivering the highest quality products to your clients, we offer a complimentary album design service. Simply provide us with your images, and our skilled design team will craft a bespoke album layout that tells the story of your client’s wedding or special event. This service is ideal for busy professionals looking to save time while still offering their clients the very best.

Using Your Preferred Design Software

While we highly recommend using our free design software for its ease of use and seamless integration with our products, we also recognise that many photographers have their preferred design tools. Whether you use advanced design software or other popular applications, we fully support your choice. Our commitment is to ensure you have the flexibility to create your albums in the way that best suits your workflow and artistic vision.

Start Designing Today

Ready to create your next stunning album? Explore our free browser-based design software, take advantage of our free album design service, or use the design software that you are most comfortable with. At Folio Albums, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Folio Albums Designer

Create your album your way, thanks to our free album design software

Our FREE online designer with client proofing built in.

Having designed hundreds of albums, and collated lots of customer feedback, we built our own software for creating beautiful Matted Album and Fine Art Album designs. It’s called Folio Albums Designer and is free for professional photographers.

Our software is fully integrated with our systems and optimised to help you achieve the best quality results. As it’s web-based, we can easily help with your design if you get stuck, or you can ask us to design your whole album – there’s no charge for either.

Once your design is complete, you can send a digital flipbook to your client for free so they can proof the design and add comments to the pages.

You can access Folio Albums Designer by logging into our shop. And there’s a guide for how to use it in our Pro Zone, which you can enter once you’re registered.

  • Both our Album Design Service and Online Designer come at no additional cost – no design fees.
  • Our Designer is entirely web-based, eliminating the need for software downloads or updates. This feature also ensures accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Explore a vast selection of layouts to tailor your album designs for your clients.
  • We possess in-depth knowledge of the Online Designer so can provide assistance with any issues, log in to make necessary amendments, guide you on its functionality and help with the design process.
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There are lots of options for designing your album, and we’re compatible with the best album design software available.

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As a professional photographer, you know that every wedding you capture is a unique work of art. Just like selecting the right lens or finding the perfect lighting, choosing the ideal album manufacturer is a crucial decision that can make or break your client’s experience.

At Folio Albums, we’re not just about crafting stunning albums; we’re also about building meaningful relationships with professional photographers. We want to be your trusted partner on this incredible adventure.

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Lottie Topping

Folio Albums are the very best. They recently helped me with a large, bespoke print order, with a very short turn around time. I was feeling stressed at the thought, but upon contacting the team directly, they made things so easy. They gave me clear and concise directions to prepare my images ready for print. They offered advice on the paper choice and print finishes. I was updated throughout the whole process, the communication was exceptional. The prints arrived comfortably before my deadline and they are absolutely beautiful. The colours and the tone are more lovely than I thought possible. I will recommend them to everyone. Thank you Harry + Team.

Lottie Topping

Lottie Topping

Shelby Finkelstein

I have been using Folio Albums for years and always feel like I am in good hands between their first-class quality of product and customer service. I love all the resources they make available to help us photographers sell these beautiful hand-made albums. Thank you!

Shelby Finkelstein

Simply Shelby Photography

Victoria Maher

I had been considering albums for along time and had followed Folio on Instagram for quite sometime and was always drawn in by the class and beauty of not only their albums but their prints too.

So I bit the bullet and decided to place an order for a sample album. I could not be happier with how it went. For buttons I forgot to click or just things I wanted to add on, Folio were incredible. I spoke with both Becky and Julie, mostly Becky who was incredibly patient and helpful with my many confusions. Starting into albums is quite daunting and I really appreciate how they bend over backwards to help.

Thank you and I look forward to getting my albums from you in the future!

Victoria Maher

Vicki Maher Photography