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To achieve the very best quality and consistency for your images, we regularly optimise our colour profiles. But we know you’ll want to make sure you’re completely happy with how your photography transfers from your screen to our fine art paper before you order.

Our test prints service is great if you’re new to our products, or you already love our work but want to double check your colour management systems.

We offer the following three options. The first two are free services and the third is paid for.

1. Your images on Art White paper

Send us up to four of your images and we’ll print them for free on our Art White paper.

2. Our images on Art White & Art White Plus paper

We’ll send you our standard test print images, chosen to represent a broad tonal range, printed on Art White and Art White Plus paper for free.

3. Our images on all 12 of our fine art papers

You can buy a sample pack of our 12 fine art papers, printed with images showcasing differences in texture and colour reproduction.

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