Free Album Design


No time to design your album? We’re happy to do it for you – and there’s no extra charge.

Whether need help with an album during a busy period or you want an expert to design all your albums, our free design service is a great option.

You just need to upload the images you’d like to be included onto our free web-based Folio Albums Designer and send a request for us to create the design. We ask for an average of four images per spread to give your photography space to shine.

Having seen thousands of album designs, and designed hundreds ourselves, we have the experience to create something really special for you.

Easy proofing and amends

Once we’ve designed your album, it sits in your Folio Albums Designer account so you can check it and easily make changes yourself or ask us to make them. You can also send a digital flipbook to your clients for free so they can proof the design and add comments to each page.

We make one round of changes on your behalf for free, before or after sending to your client. If you’d like us to make further changes on your behalf, we’ll let you know the additional charges before we make them.

It’s an easy way to achieve a design that’s not just professional but really beautiful.


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