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A fine art book for every day, everyone and every occasion.

With limited options for simple sales and a great price point, these albums open up a new range of selling opportunities, from pet albums to memory books.

Our new Every_ Album helps save time, money and memories. They’re an optimised version of our 10×10 and 8×8 Fine Art Books that embody all the usual Folio Albums quality you know and love. Your book will be printed to the same quality as our Fine Art books, with the only difference being the paper. The Every_ Album is printed on a fine matte fine art paper that has the same weight and feel as our Art White stock, just with a slightly higher white point.

You can select a Heritage Fabric cover, choose from a range of pre-made cover text options to be foiled, and choose up to 25 spreads. With a limited number of options, it will keep album ordering super simple whilst reducing the resources needed in our workshop. This means we can offer them at this economical price.

Every_ Album does not include our file-checking service, if you are uploading files from third-party software, they must be print-ready files. Your Every_ Album will be checked as it goes through each department, but if you prefer the comfort of our full checking service, we recommend ordering our Fine Art Books.

Each album comes in a natural cotton bag and a cardboard presentation box to keep it clean and safe. We individually package each album for shipping with great care and attention to detail.

Please configure your product and then checkout. After placing your order, you will then be able to upload all order-specific files. Please note with our Every_ Album, we don’t offer our free file-checking service. Please ensure your files are print ready.