Fine art albums and print products for professional photographers

Luxury Print Folder

Elegantly designed to hold prints on any of our fine art papers, the Luxury Print Folder is the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Featuring a magnetic closure with a satin ribbon tab for easy opening, this folder ensures your fine art prints are securely stored and beautifully presented.

Inside, a protective sheet of vellum folds over the prints, available with either ‘Thank You’ or ‘Fine Art Prints’ elegantly printed in the bottom right corner. Each folder includes a customisable 6×4″ thank you card, allowing you to add a personal touch to your presentation.

The cover of the folder can be personalised with your choice of text positioned 1/3 from the top on the front, and with a bespoke motif or studio logo on the inside cover. Available in four stunning shades, each paired with a complimentary coloured satin ribbon, the Luxury Print Folder is the ultimate presentation solution for your finest work.


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