Handcrafting Memories for the Future.


We are passionate about preserving memories for the future whilst safeguarding your future. The way we run our business and the purchases you make have an impact on our planet. Let's make conscious choices to make an impact for the right reasons.

Eco Credentials are at our core.

Our approach with Folio Albums has always been to marry the craftsmanship of the past with the technology of today.

To take what was great about historical processes and materials and bring it forward into the future – but without damaging our planet or its potential.


Our Mission Statement

"Folio Albums is committed to supporting print-passionate photographers with handcrafted, high-quality fine art products designed with a low environmental impact."

Our Eco Innovation Timeline

  • 2010 - Eco from the beginning

    Folio Albums was created with eco credentials at our core. We started with sourcing eco friendly materials, papers, packaging and even suppliers. We were also one of the first European companies to exclusively print using inkjet. Meaning unlike other suppliers we produce no silver halide/ chemical printing.

  • 2013 - Moving to a State of the Art Workshop

    This year saw us move to our amazing workshop, with sustainability at the forefront of the move. Our workshop is climate controlled, has LED lighting and is insulated, giving us a B energy rating ! We also made the switch to Ecotricity for our energy supplier.

  • 2014 - Reducing Waste Further

    During this year we focused on our production processes. We developed lean manufacturing techniques to reduce our waste as much as possible. We also made the switch to a carbon neutral company (UKFast) for our server network .

  • 2019 - Reducing our Carbon Footprint

    In 2019 we invested in more space and doubled our workshop. This meant we could create more room for stock, resulting in larger orders of supplies, reducing our carbon footprint. We also upped our lean manufacturing game!

  • 2022 - Member of Carbon Neutral Britain

    We're passionate about always growing and innovating. We are bursting with pride that we became a member of Carbon Neutral Britain this year (find out more below). We also introduced new paper tape and bubble wrap meaning we officially have plastic free packaging.

    Their Memories,
    Your Planet,
    No Compromise.

    Eco Credentials

    Ethical choices for print + planet

    A Responsible Business

    We believe we have a great responsibility to minimise our impact on the environment in whatever ways we can. So we continually review how we’re working and look for new ways to take as little from mother earth as possible, while giving as much back as we can.

    Below are just some of the ways we do this:

    • We’re powered by green electricity from Ecotricity, which is 100% from renewable sources.
    • 95% of our office waste is recycled and our general waste contributes to generating green energy.
    • Our PAS 2060 servers are certified as carbon neutral.
    • Our workshop is heavily insulated, climate controlled and uses low-energy LED lighting throughout.
    • We use 100% recycled stationery.

    Conscious Products

    Our products are beautiful and are crafted to last a lifetime, but not at the expense of the environment and its delicate global ecosystem. All our materials come from sustainable sources and, wherever possible, they’re also 100% recycled.

    We search far and wide to find suppliers who put as much effort as we do into protecting our world while going about their business. The bamboo we use, for example, is FSC approved and made using soy-based resin rather than formaldehyde. Our leather is produced in the EU to strict REACH standards. We support the use of leather for its natural and durable qualities and our leather is always a by-product of the meat industry.  

    If you’d like to know the eco credentials for any of our products, please let us know – we’d be happy to share the details.

    Packaging & Logistics

    While we want our products to last for generations, we aim for our packaging to leave no trace. So we use recycled and recyclable materials as much as possible. We are proud to say our packaging contains zero plastics.

    Our main packaging supplier has a strong environmental ethos, which not only includes supplying 100% recycled cardboard. They use solar panels to generate their own electricity and have a state-of-the-art energy efficiency compressor and a waste extraction system that bales waste for resale.

    After much research, we chose DHL and DPD as our shipping partners. Largely due to their carbon-neutral approach and strong commitment to limiting their impact on the environment. We also do our bit by combining orders wherever possible to reduce the number of shipments, and allow people to collect from us if they prefer.


    Conciously selected cover materials



    The most common environmental issues associated with fabric materials are the use of synthetics such as polyester.  All our fabrics are supplied with eco credentials in mind, we offer rayon, cotton and linen blend and cotton fabrics that contain no micro plastics. 



    There is a misconception that leather is not as eco as leather alternatives. However, with  high demand in the meat trade, leather in landfill is starting to become a large problem. If we don't use leather as a by-product to the meat industry the waste would be huge. By using a genuine leather we are avoiding any additional waste going into landfill as well as using a high quality material with longevity. 



    Our silks are sourced from a manufacturer that's passionate about its corporate responsibility. Their quality assurance system was certified in accordance with ISO 9001 back in 1993 and they are always looking to incorporate new sustainable methods. The silk is luxurious and high quality meaning its longevity also contribute to it's sustainable variables. 

    Want to share our eco credentials with your clients? Download our Eco Instagram story below.


    Giving offcuts a new lease of life

    Your creative project starts here!

    We try to minimise or irradicate waste where possible. After handcrafting our leather goods we are usually left with some smaller off-cuts of leather. Likewise, we can be left with mount boards and mount frames. To try and give our offcuts a new lease of life we've created "upcycle leather and board lucky dip boxes". The box of leather or boards are a small charge of £18, simply to cover shipping fees, you can also collect from our workshop for free. We hope they can be used to create something new and exciting.

    If you are into your crafting, have a project or just want to make yourself a new pair of earrings, these will be perfect for you. We've seen people create motorbike seats to passport covers.

    *UK delivery only.

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    Member's of Carbon     Neutral Britain

    We are committed to offsetting all our carbon emissions. We're so passionate about this that we even strive for carbon negative supplies where possible.

    We're proud members of Carbon Neutral Britain, which means we offset any carbon emissions we can't avoid by contributing to the Carbon Neutral Britain Woodland fund. This contributes to projects including reforestation, deforestation prevention and woodland management projects, with a strong focus on having a positive impact on the local wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

    Examples of the most recently supported projects include preventing deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, reforestation after wildfires in Australia, as well as woodland planting in the UK.


    We couldn't do any of this without you.

    Thank you for supporting us and making the conscious decision to choose a carbon neutral and eco-friendly album supplier.


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