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It’s difficult to fully convey the exceptional quality of our albums in just an image, so we produce studio samples at a reduced rate for you to show to clients.

Are samples the same as client albums?

When you order a studio sample it will be exactly the same as a client album. The only difference is:

  • We add ‘STUDIO SAMPLE’ to the back cover.

If you’ve chosen personalisation for the front cover, we’ll use that method to add ‘STUDIO SAMPLE’ to the back cover. If not, we’ll choose a suitable method for the material.

If your album has a Photo Cotton cover we’ll find an appropriate place to add ‘STUDIO SAMPLE’ to the back cover. Or, you can add ‘STUDIO SAMPLE’ to the back cover yourself before uploading your file.

Are studio sample albums discounted?

Yes, you get a reduction on the price. Please see the Pro Zone for pricing details and keep your eye our for occasional promotions.

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