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Small details mean a lot. So we’ve continued to expand our personalisation techniques over the years to give you more flexibility. You can add names, dates, your studio logo, bespoke emblems of the happy couple’s initials and more.

Our techniques for covers and boxes include time-honoured methods such as debossing, through to modern laser engraving and state-of-the-art printing. And if our standard fonts aren’t what you’re looking for, we offer bespoke options.

Personalisation packages

To keep things simple for you, we now offer album cover personalisation as a package. It gives you a clear pricing structure and enables you to offer as much or as little personalisation on the cover as you like for a set price.

We can add your studio logo to the back cover and you can choose from a selection of options to personalise your cover:

Front Cover

  1. One or two lines of text in one of our standard fonts.
  2. Text using a bespoke font supplied as a graphic.
  3. A bespoke client logo.

Back Cover

  1. A bespoke client logo

Certain methods work best on different cover materials, but we can guide you through to make sure you get the best finish.

Make it your own

Below are the many options we offer for personalising album covers and our other products. If you’d like something very bespoke, just let us know – we’re always happy to help.

Also known as blind blocking or stamping, but the same magical process. We use traditional methods to imprint letters into the cover without ink or foil. It’s an elegant, tactile finish.

Laser engraving
To engrave your text or logo, our highly accurate laser removes the material’s top layer to reveal its natural hues beneath.

Cover printing
The latest personalisation technique, but it can achieve either a modern or classic look. We can print directly onto most of our materials in either black or white ink.

Foil blocking
A really eye-catching finish. As with debossing, we imprint letters into the material, but press metallic foil into the indentation.

22 carat gold
We can now finish our leather album covers with real 22 carat gold lettering and logos. It’s a dazzling look and we think is a first among UK-based album makers.

This lustrous silvery-white metal looks heavenly on our leather covers and can be used for either lettering or logos.




Laser Engraving


Cover Printing


Foil Blocking


22 Carat Gold




Make your mark with your studio logo or a bespoke client motif

We can add your studio logo or a client’s motif such as interlinked initials to our covers. We can apply these digitally, by printing, engraving or adding 22 carat gold or palladium, which enables us to easily reproduce very fine details. Or we can create a brass stamp to deboss or foil block them.

The maximum size for logos is 8cms x 8cms and we need a 600dpi JPG image in black and white to work from. We create your first studio logo die for free and keep it in our files, but replacements are charged for. There may also be a cost for creating dies for bespoke logos, which are sent out to you with your album.

Learn more aboutLOGOS & BESPOKE MOTIFS

Fantastic fonts, both standard and bespoke

For debossing and foil blocking, our standard font choice is Bebas, Prata, Helvetica or Coronation (a font used in traditional bookbinding similar to Century Gothic).

For printing, engraving and 22 carat gold, we offer Bebas, Bombshell, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Magarella, Melinda, Montserrat, Prata, Times, Trajan and Univers.

If you’d like to use any other font, we can do that. We just need a 600dpi JPG of the text in black and white with a maximum size of 64cm2. If the font is being engraved, printed or applied with 22 carat gold, there’s no extra charge on top of the personalisation bundle. For debossing or foil blocking, we need to make a bespoke die so there’s an additional charge.

Learn more aboutFONTS


Choose the right placement for you

We can now place standard cover text or a bespoke motif in our title position, which sits in the top third of the album. Or you can go for our original option of placing it in the optical centre. This is a spot around 10% higher than the cover’s physical centre. It’s accepted as a natural position to give the page balance, as objects in the physical centre look as if they’re actually below centre.


Optical centre


Title position


Endpaper foiling

On our Fine Art Book or Matted Album, we can foil your studio logo or a bespoke motif in gold or silver to the first or last endpaper. It’s always placed in the bottom right corner and is a nice way to subtly add your studio branding to a book.

© Zelda Rhiannon

Studio Logo

© Muse & Mirror

Bespoke Motif

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