Not just the end, but the beginning

Not just the end, but the beginning

Endpapers (also known as endsheets) are fixed to the inside of the cover and form a blank double page spread at to the start and end of each book. They’re the very first and the very last pages you see, so have an important role.

Play with colour

Historically, endpapers were neutral with a marble pattern, but we offer a gorgeous collection of 12 colours to choose from. It gives you or your clients a chance to echo a theme in the images and either match, complement or contrast with the cover.

All our endpapers have a subtle texture. If you like to keep it simple, the palette includes Wonderful White and Classic Black too.

Please note that swatch colours are a guide and may vary from actual material colour. Swatches can be ordered from our online shop.

Add a logo

Endpapers are a great place to add your studio logo or a client’s bespoke motif with our foiling service. It can be in gold or silver and sit in the bottom right hand corner of either the first or last endpaper.

© Zelda Rhiannon

Studio Logo

© Muse & Mirror

Bespoke Motif

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