Everything you need to know about our *NEW* product changes!

We have been working hard to make improvements to some of our products.


USB Box and 4×4 Prints Box



Our 4×4 boxes can be customised to meet your needs. You can choose a USB Box only, 4×4 Prints Box to fit up to 50 unmounted prints or combine the two to create a USB and print package in a handcrafted, personalised box. Available in all our Essential Cotton covers with cover printing and foiling personalisation options.

We have amended the design of the current USB Box and 4×4 Prints Box, making the original USB Box slightly larger and the original 4×4 Prints Box slightly deeper. The changes in design enable us to create one single box that allows all three options.

New dimensions for USB only box/ 4×4 Prints Box/ 4×4 Prints Box with USB: width & length 11.8cm / 4.6”; height 4.2cm / 1.6″

Our 4×4 boxes can meet all digital and print needs in a petite size, perfect for a post wedding gift or digital package that suits all styles of photography.


Digital Presentation Case



We’ve upgraded our USB and DVD case design and options to bring you a more versatile product – our new Digital Presentation Cases.

Print Panel: You can now include a print in the right hand panel of our new Digital Presentation Cases, as well as a USB key, drive or DVD envelope in the centre. The case can then be folded to create a stand that showcases your print. A great way for those of you who just want to offer digital files whilst still getting a show stopping image in print. This option also works brilliantly paired with an album to deliver the digital files. You can also opt for the classic USB Case style, which simply features a USB key or drive on the central panel only.



DVD Option: We have upgraded the design for our DVD cases by replacing the plastic spider with a sleek envelope, placed on the central panel for a simple, elegant look.

The construction has been modified on all styles to reveal your chosen leather through the gutters to blend the colour on the outside with the inside. The sizing is also slightly larger making both options the same size as our 6×6 trio portfolio.

The turn around time has now been reduced from 10 working days to 5 working days and each Digital Presentation Case arrives beautifully hand wrapped and presented in Folio Albums branded tissue paper.

New dimensions: 15cm/5.9″ x 16cm/6.3″ x 1.5 -2cm/0.6″-0.8″ (depth dependent on options selected)


Leathers now available on trio Portfolios



We are now able to offer leather covers on the trio 6×6 portfolios as well as the duos, bringing you a wider range of materials and colours to choose from to match your images perfectly. The design has been modified to show your chosen leather in the gutters bringing the cover material through to blend with your images.

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