FREE album design on Fine Art Books until 17th July!


We know it’s a busy time of the year and it can be a struggle to keep on top of the post-production. To help you stay ahead of the workload we’re offering FREE album design for Fine Art Books until 17th July 2016.

Simply upload the album images and choose “Request free design” in our online Album Designer by the 17th July and we’ll do the rest. :-)

Of course you can make changes and send the design directly to your client for approval with the use of the standard client sharing features. Also, just in case you weren’t already aware, Matted Albums include free album design as standard and will continue to do so after the 17th July.

If you would like us to create your design simply log into the Folio Albums shop and click ‘Album Designer’ on the top grey bar, alternatively once logged in visit; upload the images you would like to be used within the design then click ‘Request free design’. We will then send an email to you with an expected design review date.

***Please ensure images are renamed in the following way: 001, 002, 003…021, 022, 023…101, 102, 103 to ensure they appear in the designer in the correct order.***

Once we have created your design an email will be sent to let you know. It can easily be viewed by going back to the designer page.

By clicking on the ‘Share Design’ button you can send it on to your clients, who can then make any comments on the relevant spreads. If either yourself or your client request any changes then please send an email to with the required changes.

Alternatively, it is easy for you to make any changes yourself to the design by clicking the ‘Edit Spreads’ button.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01226 799004, email us at or Live Chat with us on the Folio Albums website.



* Please note ‘Bespoke Album Design’ ordered in the Folio Albums Shop is not part of this offer.