#FFF: The First Step


Contemporary methods of wedding transport range from a flashy helicopter or sports car to the more humble old-fashioned bus or vintage bike, so it’s hard to imagine many couples opt for their own two feet. A hundred years or so ago in Victorian England, this was the usual mode of transport for a country bride and her wedding party, who would walk the distance from their home to the church.

The route would be covered in blossoms, believed to ensure a happy journey through life. Although the mode of transportation is somewhat different in modern times, it is equally symbolic. The bride and groom travel to the ceremony separately, and leave as a couple, ready to face their future together. The following compilation of photographs is a snippet into individuals’ final trips as singletons, and the first of the journeys they take in their married life together.




Stefano Santucci

mark barton photography

Mark Barton Photography


Stephanie Swann Photography

Albert Palmer_blogready

Albert Palmer Photography


Melissa Beattie


Lauren Rutherford Photography

Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their wonderful work with us!