Erin & Gabri Photography Awesome Album

This album was shot by Gabriele and Erin Noziglia of Erin and Gabri Photography, a husband and wife photography business based in Italy. The elegant detail and design in this album captivated our attention as soon as we saw it. The couple work together to produce wedding photographs with a personal and artistic flair.

Gabriele & Erin Noziglia
Erin & Gabriele Noziglia


This wedding took place in Santa Margherita Ligure, on the beautiful north western coast of Italy. The album itself juxtaposes striking black and white images with bold colour photographs, and the balance between posed and natural shots highlights the relaxed yet classy atmosphere of the wedding. The album is bound in a stylish Ebony Contemporary Leather cover, which further adds to the sophisticated feel of the album.


I spoke to Gabriele to find out more about this incredible wedding and his experiences as a wedding photographer. You can find a slideshow of the album design at the bottom of this post.


Where did this wedding take place?

The wedding took place in Santa Margherita Ligure, a couple of miles from Portofino. It’s also known as the Italian Riviera and that’s where my wife Erin and I are based. We feel lucky to live and work in such a stunning area where couples from all over the world come to celebrate their weddings.


In this album many of photographs were taken outdoors. What additional challenges did this bring to shooting?

One of the major challenges of shooting weddings in this area is dealing with the harsh Italian sunlight. Controlling deep shadows and blown out highlights are a constant battle. Most of time there’s no point fighting it – we have learnt to play with it and use it to our advantage to create even more edgy and artistic images. In this particular wedding we had the opposite situation. The day started with a torrential summer storm and we were worried we wouldn’t even be able to set foot outside for a portrait session. Such challenges both extremes are what our job is all about. Pushing ourselves to be creative when dealing with the unknown is what keeps us going and give us butterflies.


You have captured the couple and their guests looking very natural. Do you have any tactics to make people feel relaxed in front of the camera?

It all starts with the connection we make with our clients. We tell our couples we need to document the day from the inside rather than the outside. We ask them to trust us and work with us to create beautiful images – we would be nothing without our clients and their involvement. It also helps that we are also both very outgoing people and enjoy our work. Loving what you do is, for us, the only secret behind it.


What did you enjoy most about shooting this wedding?

The energy at this wedding was the best part of it all. There were a few little hiccups throughout the day, like the weather threatening to ruin it all and half of the buttons on the bride’s dress falling off an hour before the ceremony, but none of these things brought the good spirits down. Things would always be resolved in an almost magical way, including a spectacular rainbow shining above the couple as they walked out of the church.


If you could sum up this album in three words, what would they be?

Fresh and classic but with a modern twist.


How was this album presented?

To showcase this wedding we went for a large 12×12 Folio Album in the Ebony Contemporary Leather. We were so blown away with the final look and it has become our all-time favourite cover option. It lets the photographs speak for themselves without any distractions, and the overall look of the album is one we love.


Did you shoot with the album design in mind?

We now do! After having made a few album layouts for our clients we have tweaked the way we frame some scenes. We love to include sequences. Consecutive frames of the same scene. Maybe because we get a lot of our inspiration from movies and it also makes the browsing less static.


How long have you been interested in photography?

I’ve been taking pictures since I got hold of my first camera at the age of 14. People have always been my favourite subject and I’ve been interested in street photography for many years. Erin has always been a very visual person, interested in arts and vintage items. I’m sure that is responsible for her very attentive eye for details.


What inspires/influences your photography?

We get inspiration from our daily family life, our daughter Virginia, spending time in the outdoors with our dogs and going for very long walks in the woods. Photography is such an integral part of our life – we see the camera just like another member of the family.


How would you describe your style?

Our style is very personal and we shoot from the heart. We don’t like to over-control situations. We let things unfold naturally. We are documentary photographers who want to tell the story, but we also love to create artistic imagery that you can’t see with the naked eye.


Do you use any specific post-production techniques?

Our post-production consists in a combination of Adobe Lightroom and VSCO Film presets customised to our taste. Coming from film photography, VSCO was a revelation for us. We could finally have access to all of our favourite film emulsions combined with a very quick and consistent workflow. That’s what we use now to process the photographs from every single wedding. This has made the whole experience much less stressful and we are finally spending less time in front of the screen and more out taking pictures.


What is in your camera bag?

Our setup is pretty simple. We use full frame cameras and a range of prime lenses: Canon 5d MKII & III and L24mm f/1.4, L35mm f/1.4, L50mm f/1.2, L85mm f/1.2, lots and lots of CF cards, two 580 EX Flash and some spare lenses and batteries just in case.


What is your favourite accessory, other than your camera?

I know this might sound funny but we have a little hand crank flashlight stashed in one of our camera bags that has helped us find our car quite a few times in pitch black at the end of a very long wedding day. And, Erin is always whipping out the ‘Rescue Remedy’ Bach Flowers to calm the bride’s nerves.


What’s the best lesson you’ve learnt through your work?

Be honest and upfront with clients from the first meeting. We let our clients know who we are, what we do and the philosophy behind our work. We always like to build trust, and get them excited and involved in the process.


What has been your most memorable assignment?

Any assignment with a great energy is always a win. This wedding was definitely one of them.


Is there anyone or anything you would love to photograph?

Life in general is our favourite subject. Taking pictures as we go along and leaving memories behind is so important for us. It tells the story of who we are and the people we met along the way.


Where would be your ideal location to shoot a wedding?

I’d definitely like to shoot somewhere outdoors, in a natural environment. On top of a mountain would be pretty cool.


Click play, turn on HD and go Full Screen to enjoy this awesome album.

Gabriele Erin Noziglia Slideshow


Many thanks to Gabriele & Erin for allowing me to interview them and for sharing their beautiful images. You can see more of their amazing work at