#FFF – Cute Kids Edition

This week we have a compiled a selection of cute, funny, and adorable children/teenager shots that we have seen in some of your recent album designs.

Photographing children can be difficult, but these images show that the hard-work pays off and provides hilarious and endearing shots that are worthy of note.

Get ready to kickstart your weekend with some fantastic photography courtesy of…

London wedding photographer: Alex Beckett

This image shows the Newlywed’s son asking this little girl to dance … during the Bride and Groom’s first dance. Although he slightly upstaged his parents I just love the delicate moment captured in the first image, and how proud the little boy looks in the second one!

006 Alex Beckett Wedding Photography
007 Alex Beckett Wedding Photography

Annie Armitage

I absolutely love this image of the little girl reading. It reminds me so much of Roald Dahl’s Matilda! This is a perfect capturing-the-moment-as-it-happens shot, and I love how engrossed in the book she is – it is truly an adorable image.


Melbourne Wedding Photographer: Lakshal Perera

This image is undeniably sweet, I love the expression of concentration on the little boy’s face – he looks so worried that he is going to miss the key shot! He is certainly a photographer in the making. By making him the focal point in the image, it grabs your attention and highlights the fleeting moment Lakshal captured.


Lauren Rutherford

This image of the little groomsman and bridesmaid walking down the aisle at the start of the wedding procession is so cute. I love the way that they are framed by the congregation, and how happy they both look to be a part of the wedding, and heading up the procession down the aisle.


Neil Brayshaw

These shots are from a family portrait album, and it was lovely to see how sweet the little brother and sister are with each other. I love these tender moments that Neil captured where they are sitting together by the river, they will definitely be cherished images to the parents.

Neil Brayshaw Robyn_James-39
Neil Brayshaw Robyn_James-40

Nick Dale and Tori Deslauriers

Everyone in the production team absolutely loved this image of the little boy hugging his dog at the wedding, both of their facial expressions make this a humorous and endearing shot! Tori second shot for Nick and captured this truly adorable moment of the Bride and Groom’s son just before the wedding started.

Tori Deslauriers+Nick Dale_ Jody & Stuart-5480

Nicola Thompson

Two out of eleven of our cute kids have upstaged the bride and groom in an adorable way. This time, the little child decided to cause mischief at the reception and hijack the top table. I love the way that the white of the table cloth, and the dress of the lady trying to wrangle the child, contrast with the rainbow clad little girl.

Nicola Thompson Photography Image1000pix

Rebecca Prigmore

This image is undeniably amusing, from the cheesy expression on the groomsman’s face to the not-impressed expression of the bridesmaid as she is being hugged. It definitely makes for a different shot to the typical congregation group images, and adds an air of fun to the wedding.


Ryan Welch

This is another one of those shots which captured most of the team’s attention. The boy’s pose next to the comparatively high bar is so cute, whilst his serious facial expression adds an air of humour to the image. It’s one of those shots which just demands your attention!

Ryan Welch folio2

Sarah Legge

I love the way that the little girl in the foreground is fully rocking out on the dance floor – you can almost hear the air guitar. This shot was taken at just the right moment to capture the children having fun and doing their thing – no posing required.

Sarah Legge Sussex wedding photographer_0193

Thomas Beecham of Lake District Wedding Photography

I just love this image of the little bridesmaids playing in the wedding venue’s grounds. The way that the image is composed, with the flower bed as the focal point, gives it quite a magical air which is added to through the way that the light creates a halo effect around the little girls.