#FFF: Lighting Edition – Bonus Images!

I loved doing the Interesting Lighting Edition of #FFF last week – it was so amazing getting the chance to showcase a wider selection of our customer’s work, and also to see the different ways that the interesting lighting was utilised in the shots.

After posting last week’s edition we saw more interesting lighting shots that we really wanted to share on our Lounge. So, we’re giving you a bonus post of last week’s theme with some images that we absolutely loved and just had to share!

So get ready to kickstart your weekend with some amazing images courtesy of…

Brett Symes

This first dance shot has such a beautiful and classic look. The muted colour tones, the chandeliers, and the two spot lights, all work together to make this a show stopping photograph that wouldn’t look out of place in a Hollywood movie.

Brett Symes_ First-dance_Brett-Symes-Photography

Elizabeth Drew

This is such a fantastic, and almost fairytale, kiss shot. The pastel toned sky and the dark green grass of the landscape create a vivid backdrop for the newlyweds. It is such a delicate and intimate shot that is perfectly complemented by the background.

Elizabeth Drew Lyndsay & Ty by Elizabeth Lois Photography_0001

Gareth McGaughey

I love this bridal preparation image, it has such a quirky and almost theatrical feel. It is definitely a unique shot – and the low lighting emphasises the mist of hairspray around the bride, to add a magical and show-stopping quality.

Gareth McGaughey 1

Ian Olsson

This landscape shot is absolutely beautiful. The way that the sunset highlights the cloudy sky in dusky purples and pink, and the slither of sunlight in the distance silhouettes the trees is stunning. This image is the final photograph in the album – and it is definitely a perfect shot to end the design by making the viewer stop and simply take in the magical sunset.

Ian Olsson 1476-540

Mandy Meadows from The Wight Studio

I love the way that the multitude of small lights in the background frame this cheese-wheel wedding cake, and how the pastel roses and leaf-shaped-apples pop off the page given the rest of the muted colour tone. It is such a pretty and delicate shot, framed perfectly by the cases in the background, creating an amazing reminder of this twist on the traditional wedding cake.

Mandy Meadows James & Claire-711

Rebecca Douglas

Everyone in the office really loved this portrait shot. This is the last image of the engagement album, and shoot, with the dusky lighting adding the perfect romantic mood to the shot, with the light filtering in-between the couple as they hold hands.

Rebecca Douglas _ Lisa & Owen's Engage#38EA60

Ria Mishaal

This bridal preparations image looks so classic and beautiful. The light from the window, filtering through the dressing-table mirror, creates a halo effect around the bride whilst the small stream of hairspray adds to the delicate look of the photograph.

Ria Snaddon 130322-sara-nick_ria-mishaal-photography-088

Thomas Beecham from Lake District Wedding Photography

I love the light in this image. The soft hazy light coming through the windows contrasts with the deep and warm light coming from the candles, causing the shadowed parts of the image to have an almost purple hue. It is eye-catching and stunning.

Thomas Beecham_ folio_beecham_1000px

I just want to thank everyone for sending through the images for this post – they’re all so beautiful!

We’ll see you next week!