Canvas Cover Change

We are currently in the process of refreshing our canvas range for 2013 – and some exciting changes are already underfoot.

The Shadow Grey and Foxglove Purple covers proved incredibly popular, but it seems that our bolder and brighter options such as the Fuchsia Pink and Poppy Red were not as popular with your clients. So we’ve decided that for 2013 we are going to refresh the range and move over to a new line of colours. We are putting together a more complementary range that we hope you and your clients like more. Whilst our current canvas colours are beautiful, we want our customers to get the best out of the range that is on offer, rather than only two or three of the colours being really utilised. We want to offer colours that will be more popular with your clients, and fit better with their desired colour scheme.

Shadow Grey is the first colour option to move over to our new range, and it is moving earlier than we originally planned due to our manufacturers unexpectedly ceasing production of this line. However, we have a beautiful Stone Grey canvas cover as the refreshed cover option that is ready and waiting to be ordered!

Stone Grey is already proving popular with those customers who decided to move their mini-copy over to this new colour option before it’s official release on our store. So we hope ¬†that the rest of you fall in love with our new mini-copy Stone Grey cover option too!

We still have a lot of stock of the rest of the original canvas range, and we are planning to keep these original covers available throughout 2013 whilst we introduce and move the range over to our new canvas options.

For all of you who wanted more muted colour options for your mini-copies, we are hoping that our new 2013 range will appease those needs whilst providing a range of colours for you and your clients to choose from. Our new canvas range will be launched at SWPP in January 2013 – so we’ll see you there!