Tour Stop 8: Leeds

Stewart has written the final tour stop blog post for Friday’s Leeds date where he got to hang out with our last tour pal – the lovely Annemarie King. Just a few days after Stewart finished his tour, the Queen started her own tour down the Thames – and everyone from Team Folio hopes that you are having a great Jubilee bank holiday weekend! On Friday our very first tour pal Cris Matthews dropped by to join in with more Freedom Tour fun. Just like Cris helped to kick off the tour for our first day and location, he showed up to help us wind things down on our final tour stop. Now I’ll pass things over to Stewart to tell you all about our last Folio Freedom Tour day.

Once again we had a very busy day on Friday. Although the weather had taken a turn for the worse I was determined to be outside for as long as possible. Fortunately for us the pub had a gazebo, so we managed to stay both outside and undercover for most of the day.

Vivienne was wonderful as our final tour model and since I was crazy busy and wanted to spend as much time as possible chatting to everyone, I handed the X-Pro1 over to Cris who kindly took the shots below.




Although I was looking forward to spending the long weekend with my family I must admit that packing up the camper van for the last time was incredibly sad. I’m definitely going to miss seeing everyone around the country and driving Van Outen, I had an awesome time on our Freedom Tour and I already have ideas for next year – so maybe one day soon Van Outen and I will be reunited!

We would like to thank all of our fantastic tour friends, tour pals, and everyone who came to see us. We had a blast!

I would also like to thank everyone for all of the ideas and suggestions that you shared with me during the tour – expect to see some of them coming to fruition in the near future.

… and now (drum roll please) here is the final Flight of the Folio: Freedom Tour video: