The Tour Tech… Folio Tour’s Fuji X-Pro1

Our tour camera arrived in the office this week. Whilst we feel Van Outen will be a show-stealing feature of the tour, the X-Pro1 will be a sure-fire showstopper – it definitely provided a great distraction when we took delivery. Stewart spent most of the afternoon testing out the X-Pro1 and its various features. Plenty of candid shots of the office, and Team Folio, were taken (regardless of the shiny new camera, the mug shots were not appreciated).

Here’s a nice mug shot of the X-Pro1:

…and here’s one of the X-Pro1 caught unawares from behind:

…and one of it after it fell down exhausted from Stewart trying it out:

Since the X-Pro1 definitely caught Stewart’s attention, we’re quite sure that all of the Friends we see out and about on our Folio Freedom Tour will also be entranced with this new technological release.

The X-Pro1 utilises some of the favourite features that helped the FinePix X100 gain a cult following – the traditional analogue dial-based handling system and high image quality to name a few. However, whilst some see the X-Pro1 as a reboot of the X100, the camera does remain innovative and more refined. The X-Pro1 has interchangeable lenses, the initial set contains a choice of three but Fuji promise there are more on the way. The X-Pro1 is a 16.3MP camera with an APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor, a ‘Q’ [quick menu] button for fast shooting menu settings, In-Camera RAW converter, 6fps High Speed Continuous shooting, Motion Panorama and many, many, more features to ensure that there is definitely something there to impress everyone.

Stewart will have the camera at each location, so don’t forget to bring along your own memory card and take the X-Pro1 for a spin! Feel free to get candid mug shots of Stewart (we could even put some of them up on our new Lounge) or just take some snaps to see how the X-Pro1 compares with other cameras your know and love. After all, what would a tour led by a photographer, for their photographer friends be without having some new technology to try out?