Stand out from the
rest with innovative

Small details mean a lot. We’ve significantly expanded our personalisation techniques for 2016 so we can offer greater flexibility with no compromise on quality.

Want to add names, dates, your studio logo, or even bespoke emblems of the happy couple’s initials? Our techniques for covers and boxes include time-honoured methods such as debossing, through to modern laser engraving and state-of-the-art printing on our newest machine. If our standard fonts don’t meet your requirements, we can offer bespoke fonts.

Our expanded range of personalisation methods


Some might call it blind blocking or stamping, but it’s all the same magical process. Using traditional methods, we imprint letters into the cover without ink or foil for an elegant, classic presentation that’s just wonderful to the touch.

Foil Blocking

You’ll be amazed at just how far foil stamping has come. We use heat to transfer metallic foil to our albums for an eye-catching enhancement.

22 Carat Gold

There’s precious little more to say - sometimes only real gold will do.
We can now add 22 Carat gold to leather.


The latest technique in personalisation. We can directly print on to most of our materials in either black or white ink.

Laser Engraving

We use a highly accurate laser to engrave your text or logo. The process reminds us of something from James Bond, and works by removing the top layer of the material revealing the natural hues of the material underneath.

As a digital process, engraving has the advantage of enabling us to reproduce the fine detail of logos and almost any international language character supported in the available standard fonts.


Following feedback from clients, we now offer cover personalisation as a bundle.

This clearer pricing structure means you’ll get as much or as little cover personalisation as desired for a single price. You can choose from three front cover options - one or two lines of text in either standard font or a bespoke font, or a bespoke client logo. We’ll also add your studio logo to the back cover.

For all methods, the per line character limit is -

12” x 12” albums - 23 charcaters per line 10” x 10” albums - 19 charcaters per line 8” x 8” albums - 15 charcaters per line

Certain methods work best on different cover materials and we can guide you through getting the optimum finish.

Showing our ‘metal’
with new foil blocking...

We’re pleased to showcase foil blocking, one of our recently-added personalisation techniques. Like debossing, letters are imprinted into the material; however hot metal is used to press metallic foil in to the indentation.

At the moment we offer a Silver or Gold finish.
All in all, quite dazzling.

See how we shine with our
NEW 22 carat gold lettering

The Ancient Egyptians beat gold until it was wafer-thin for the wonderful embellishments for which they are famous.

Folio Albums is now hand finishing real 22 carat gold onto our leather album covers in what we think is a first among UK-based album makers. We discovered the process while experimenting with blocking techniques and we couldn’t be more excited. Shiny, soft and dense, gold is a metal unlike any other. Its natural characteristics make each application unique for show- stopping impact.

Make your mark with
your studio logo or
a bespoke client logo

We can add your studio logo or a bespoke client logo to our covers. Examples of bespoke logos include emblems from wedding stationery, such as interlinked initials, or a company logo if your work is a corporate commission.

The maximum size for logos is 8cms x 8cms. We require a 600dpi JPG image in black and white to work from. We use this digital version for printing, engraving and adding 22 carat gold. If we’re debossing or foil blocking your logo we’ll need to make a brass stamp which creates a clean and deep impression on the material.

We create your first studio logo die for free and keep them in our files. Replacements are charged for. There may be a cost for creating dies for bespoke logos. These dies are sent out to you with your album.

Fantastic fonts, both standard and bespoke

We’ve expanded our standard fonts range. For debossing and foil blocking, your standard font choice for text is Bebas, Coronation, Prata or Helvetica. For those of you unfamiliar with Coronation, it’s a font used in traditional book-binding but is similar to Century Gothic.

For printing, engraving and 22 carat gold, we offer Bebas, Bombshell, Century, Century Gothic, Courier ,Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Magarella, Melinda, Montserrat, Prata, Times, Trajan and Univers.

Sometimes you want to use fonts besides those that we offer – no worries. As is the case with our logos, we simply require a 600dpi JPG of the text in black and white. Here the maximum size is 20cmx5cm. There is no additional charge on top of the personalisation bundle price for engraving, printing or 22-carat gold finishing. For debossing and foil blocking, a bespoke die will be made and incur an additional charge.