Photography is very personal, so we appreciate that sometimes you might have special requests. Below are some of the production services we offer to meet such needs.

Female-only production

Some clients, often for religious reasons, want their images to be viewed and handled by women only. We can accommodate this with our female-only process, which ensures only female members of staff work on the album from order to shipping.

All files for the project are kept on a secure server and logins are only provided to female members of staff. Order sheets are also concealed in separate, clearly marked folders. And if any spreads need to be reprinted, perhaps due to a blemish for example, we shred the old spreads so they can’t be seen.

Once the order has shipped, we delete all the project files from our server and shred any related paperwork.

Non-disclosure agreements

If you’re working with high-profile or celebrity clients you may need the protection of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We have an NDA that we can send to you for completion and for us to then sign.

We also assemble a small team to work on the project to minimise the number of people involved in it. And all relevant files are stored on a secure server, with access to them limited to the selected production team. Once the order has shipped, we delete all the project files from our server.

Rush orders

If, for whatever reason, you or your client need a product delivered sooner than the usual turnaround times, we do what we can to fulfil the request. And we don’t charge extra for it.

As we’re very conscious of maintaining standards for the work we already have booked in, we can’t always handle rush orders, but it’s definitely worth asking.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for among our products, please get in touch – we’re always happy to talk about bespoke projects. Whether you need a different fabric, shape, size or finish, we’ll look at what we can do to make it work.

The above certainly isn’t exhaustive when it comes to non-standard services. Whatever you’d like or need, just let us know. We’ll look at all the feasible options to see how we can help you.


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