Freedom Tour Diary 2013: We’re Off!

The time has come!

After releasing the who, what, where, and whens on our tour site it’s time for us to jump into Van Outen, kick start the Freedom Tour convoy, and get out on the road to see you all – the wait is over!

After packing up our albums, the demo of our new design software, and our new designer bags – we were off!

photo 3

The first stop is at The Green Dragon in Manchester, and it’s a beautiful and inspiring place to start off our tour. We’re sure our attendees will get some great shots, and help to make today an awesome Monday and a fantastic Freedom Tour launch!

Van Outen looked so happy to be back on tour with us, and this year she has a friend at our Manchester date –
Florence the Vintage Camper!

At first, I think Van Outen thought that Florence had stood her up:

photo 1

…but then Florence arrived, and all was well in Camper Van land:

photo 2[although I think Van Outen felt a little self conscious about her height, but then we put her roof up and she felt a lot better]

We are so excited to be on the road – after lots of planning and preparation its time to dive right in and have a fun-filled four days of anything and everything photography related.

The Aspire team have kept their styled shoot designs quite hush-hush, so it will be exciting to see what they have planned when the shoots kick off today!

Make sure you check out the Lounge tomorrow to find out what went on in Manchester – and to see some shots from the styled shoots and tour happenings.

Be back soon!