Our album presentation options - a revelation!

We’re proud of our albums so it makes sense that we want to package them in the loveliest way possible for a memorable unveiling. We’ve developed a range of boxes and bags to suit everyone, including some new products that we think you’ll love.

Box clever with our
range of album boxes

As standard, all of our Fine Art Books and Matted Albums arrive in a Craft Cardboard Box which boasts excellent eco-credentials together with our exclusive tree design.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to our stylish new Clamshell Boxes in Essential Cotton or, for our Fine Art Books, go all out with a Bamboo Box handmade by a Yorkshire craftsman.

Bag it or wrap it...

What lies between the box and the album? All of our Fine Art Books, including 6”x6” books, come in a natural Cotton Bag as standard or you can upgrade to a Designer Bag from our exclusive range.

Our Matted Albums are a little heavier so we present them in a natural Cotton Wrap. As well as looking great, our bags and wraps do the practical job of keeping the contents clean and dust-free.

Our gorgeous Craft
Cardboard Boxes with
every album

Our Craft Cardboard Boxes are made from 80 per cent recycled material and 20 per cent from FSC sources.

The way they’re produced, transported, and stored cuts down on waste as far as possible. We keep the decoration simple with our tree logo and a discreet mention of our name.

Our boxes are sized to fit our 12”x12”, 10”x10” and 8”x8” albums and we provide an insert for 6”x6” albums. Because the boxes for our two largest sizes need to be that bit stronger, we put in paper pulp corner protectors to ensure there is no damage during delivery.

All Fine Art Books and Matted Albums come in a Craft Cardboard Box as standard.

We’re excited to introduce our
new Clamshell Boxes

Designed in-house by our brilliant team, our new Clamshell Boxes take their name from an old book-binding technique and can be ordered as an upgrade for both our Fine Art Books and Matted Albums.

The boxes have a nice structural flow with a hinged lid connected to the base. We use board made by a Dutch company with top eco-credentials and encase it in any of our pure Essential Cottons.

As well as having a choice of colour, you can select either a soft-close magnetic clasp or have the box prettily tied-up with a ribbon.

We can further personalise Clamshell Boxes with debossing, foil blocking, printing or engraving.

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Handmade Bamboo Boxes
for the ultimate in presentation

Our first and most luxurious upgrade, Bamboo Boxes are handmade by a Yorkshire craftsman from responsibly-harvested bamboo plywood, bonded with soy-based glue with minimal VOCs.

The utmost attention has gone in to quality and detail, from the aluminium hinge to the smooth finger-groove and magnetic clasps. The grain variations mean no two are ever the same and, in addition, we can laser-engrave or print names, symbols or studio logos on to the lid.

Our Bamboo Boxes snugly accommodate 12” x 12”, 10” x 10”, and 8” x 8” Fine Art Books. Choose from two depths. Box Depth 25 (Art White or Art Cotton paper up to 25 spreads, or Gallery Cotton up to 20 spreads) or Box Depth 40 (Art White or Art Cotton paper up to 40 spreads, or Gallery Cotton up to 40 spreads).

You can also order our Bamboo Boxes as standalone products.

Naturally great bags and wraps

Sometimes simple is the way to go and this definitely applies to our Cotton Bags, which come as standard with all sizes of our Fine Art books, including 6”x6”.

We don’t mess with our 100 per cent cotton. It’s produced from ethical sources, unbleached and washed in recycled water so as not to waste a natural resource. Its natural qualities are evident in every fibre. All in all, our bags look fantastic set against the natural craft of our boxes, also included in the price of albums. Our Cotton Bags are made in the U.K.

As standard for our Matted Albums is a natural Cotton Wrap with a tailored bow for a stylish finish. The wraps not only look wonderful but help you to lift albums in and out of the box and double up as handy display mats.

Professional, practical and prettied-up.

We work with a Yorkshire-based textile designer to offer a collection of Designer Bags handmade beautifully, and exclusively, for Folio.

Available as a standalone purchase or as an upgrade ordered with an album, our bags are bang on trend and each fabric design has its own complementary lining to look amazing inside and out.

Our five current designs are Summer Spray, Rosebud, Deckchair, Birds and Butterflies, and Polka Dots, but keep an eye out for new fabrics as our range does change. Designs are available for all album sizes, and our 12”×12”, 10”×10”, and 8”×8” bags are finished off with ribbon ties.