Ingegerd's Story


Kjell Post has known Ingegerd since he was a child. She even lives in the house where his mother grew up.

In 2021 Kjell helped her scan old photos and noticed two portraits of her parents in pretty good condition. She lost her mother, too early, many years ago and her father passed away a few years ago, so he knew the portraits were special to her.

Kjell decided to bring the images back to life and updated them to colour using Photoshop. He arranged to have them printed in one of our timeless Portfolios to surprise her. “I wanted to be there when she opened the package and it was really worth it! The Portfolio is now standing in the bookshelf in their living room”.

“All in all, this was perhaps 20 minutes work for me.  Very easy to do, but means a lot to her and I couldn't imagine a nicer way to display the portraits. I imagine the portfolio will be handed down for generations.”

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