Awesome Album: Daniel Sakal

An album that really caught everyone’s attention here at Folio Albums belongs to Daniel Sakal of D&A Photography. Dan is a professional photographer based in Essex and has a natural, documentary style of shooting that captures the most beautiful moments for his couples to cherish.

This album showcases a gorgeous wedding on a summers day on the coast of Devon. It includes family and friends having a wonderful day on the beach. There is a real sense of celebration, laughter and love that makes this album truly memorable. Dan’s passion for photography clearly shows in everything he does and the combination of composition, location and stunning moments made this album a clear choice to feature.

We caught up with Dan to find out more about the images behind this album.



Daniel Sakal


Could you give us a little background on the album?

Molly & Danny’s Wedding took place in May of last year in Ilfricombe in North Devon. These two love birds got hitched on a Thursday, Wednesday and Friday proved to be some of the worst weather in May, while Thursday was nothing short of perfect, beautiful sunny skies!

Molly & Danny found me through friends and we talk about it now being pretty mutual in terms of when we met, we all knew I would have the honour of documenting their day, something clicked and from the get go, it was one of those weddings I was really excited about.

These two really did put on one heck of a show, such a perfect classy wedding, the weather was so good we were even able to eat outside, overlooking the beautiful sunset as it rolled in. Honestly just perfection.

I remember speaking to Molly about why she chose the venue, she said she cried the first time she stepped out of the back and saw the beach and sun setting so that was it, she had to get married there!

I chose to do a 12 X 12 Folio, I have worked with you fab bunch for a few years now and I say it every time, nothing beats a Folio!

I wanted something a bit different for the cover, to really give it that WOW factor so I put some idea’s to the guys at Folio, and to my surprise while I was away my phone rang, and it was the MD of Folio on the line wanting to chat through my ideas. Just another prime example why these guys are the best, what other company boss would take the time to speak in such detail about idea’s. So we hung up the phone and Folio did their bit, and what turned up, just blew my mind.


What did you enjoy most about shooting this wedding?

I think just the ambiance of the day was really on point, Molly & Danny invited lots of their friends, who all knew each other (They have been together since College) so there was a really fun, friendly atmosphere. Honestly, I can’t say one single thing was a standout moment, but in all, it was just perfection and I was truly lucky to just be there.


The album really captures a fun and exciting mood to the day. Do you have any techniques for putting people at ease when you are photographing them?

I try to just have fun with everyone, I want to be treated as a guest or friend, so I do build a nice relationship with the couple before the big day, and when the day rolls around, It’s usually just a case of here’s Dan! Not here’s the Photographer. I really believe strongly that this helps. I am also not embarrassed to say silly things that create a funny moment, I’ll happily look like a plonker to capture a beautiful moment.

Other than that, I try to keep out of the way and pick my moments to capture “stuff”!


The location of this wedding is beautiful and you took photographs at various outdoor locations during the day, including by the sea and in front of a rock face. Did this pose any additional challenges for you?

Not really, I just went with it, Molly was wearing a rather expensive dress so we had to be careful not to get her drenched or anything but in terms of shots, It doesn’t make any difference to me if it’s on the side of a cliff or in someone’s back garden. It’s about the emotion and connection between the subjects that I really am passionate about capturing.


What is your usual approach to using natural and artificial light?

 I am a natural light photographer, so I shoot wide open normally which I love! There’s no set formula for what works and doesn’t some photographers like to shoot wide, some use flash, for me I love the challenge of finding the right light naturally.

This is just how I work, but I always put my subjects with their backs to sunlight, I love creating those halos of light around the face which kind of light them up!

I do however use a little flash in the evening to create some cool light trails.


If you could sum up this album in three words, what would they be?

Trendy, simple and Real.


How was this album presented?

12X12, Tallow, Gold lettering, Jaques & Giles font


Did you shoot with the album design in mind?

 I do, and I did, I love to tell the story of the day, I want to treat the viewer almost like a child, so I want to make it clear what is happening, where it’s happening, who’s involved etc… It’s a total cliché but I want the pages of my Folio’s to tell the fairytale perfectly.


 How long have you been interested in photography?

 I as most 10 year olds wanted to be a Footballer, I eat, dreamed and lived it. I trialed with Norwich City aged 10, and came away disappointed that I wasn’t good enough. I kind of knew football would be a hobby and I always had this interest in being behind a camera whether it was in the garden with my brothers or on holiday, I was the one in charge of taking pictures.

I shot my first wedding at 14 years old, before that I was shooting non league football from the age of 12 and it has been my passion, life and drive ever since. I genuinely love what I do, I get up excited about doing what I do. I feel extremely blessed to have found something I love and can make a career out of. I am shooting 60 weddings this year, and I am absolutely buzzing about every single one of them.


 Click play, turn on HD and go full screen to enjoy this awesome album



Many thanks to Dan for allowing me to interview him and for sharing his great images. You can see more of his amazing work at