#FFF: A Natural Escape

There is more to landscape than scenery – the landscape is the point at which people and place interact. We draw cultural and artistic influence from the land around us, as well as shape it to meet our physical and emotional needs.

This mutual relationship is one we have respected for millennia – we like the story Ancient Greek myth of Antaeus, Poseidon’s son, who drew his invincible strength from the earth. He competed with any traveller passing through his land to a wrestle, and he won each match. Hercules ultimately defeated Antaeus by lifting him up and away from the land, cutting him off from the source of his power. Whether you get your energy from the bustle of the cityscape or the tranquillity of the country, we would all be lost without the landscapes that give us time to reflect and recharge our batteries.

The stunning landscapes captured by photographers in the following images are tribute not only to the incredible variety and beauty of our environment, but also to the distinctive ways in which we experience it.



Ivan Steiner


Pixies in the Cellar


Nikki Leadbetter Photography

Sally_Thurrell Photography_blog

Sally T Photography

Chris Currie Wedding Photography_(Gillian Lawtie)_blog

Christoper Currie Photography

© Helen Lisk Photography 2013_blog

Helen Lisk Photography

Ricky and Shelley Garrett_blog

Ten Twenty One

Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their wonderful work with us!