#FFF: Hero Shots Edition

This week we have a smorgasbord of Hero Shots for you all to feast your eyes upon whilst you’re winding down to the weekend.

These shots were all used as double page spreads in their respective designs, allowing the images to be shown off in all of their glory – so we are sharing a selection of the ones which really captured our attention for all of you to see!

Get ready to kickstart your weekend with some amazing Hero Shots courtesy of…

Anna Clarke

I just love this shot due to the way that the confetti frames the top and left-hand side of the couple, ensuring that you focus first on the flower petals and then on the couple themselves. The blurred out background causes the colours in the confetti to really pop, making this a truly show-stopping shot.

Anna Clarke_T&M_wedding_256

Barrie Downie

This couple shot is undeniably stunning. The way that the spiralling staircase frames the couple as they dance together at the bottom adds an intimate and romantic feel to the image. The low-lighting and muted colour tones add to the atmosphere to make this a hero shot which stops you in your tracks.


Binky Nixon

This is a wonderful winter wedding photograph. It’s such a romantic kiss shot with the falling snow adding to the intimate setting, and with the high wall acting as the backdrop your eye is instantly drawn to the couple. The red postbox coupled together with the white snow, umbrella, and dress, adds to the festive feel of this Christmastime image.

Binky Nixon h&n_W367

Elisha Clarke

This is such a genuinely intimate shot that you feel as though the photographer managed to stumble upon the moment as it happened, rather than working to get the desired photograph. The lighting which is coming in through the window adds a halo effect to the couple, which increases the close feeling of intimacy in the image.

Elisha Clarke paula & paul 14305

Helen Lisk

This is such a fantastic and unique shot. This hero shot of the couple reflected in the water is used as the opening spread in the album, providing a magical but mysterious start to the day. I love the way that the image is composed, keeping the couple to the right of the image as this is where your focus is instantly drawn.

Helen Lisk Folio album spread HelenLiskPhotography

John Hope

This is such a dramatic shot. I love the way that the indoor, and outdoor, lighting is used in this scene to add a magical and romantic feel to the image. The contrast of the orange and blue tones, and the couple standing framed underneath the darkened archway, all adds together to captivate the viewer and command your attention.

John Hope_Emily & Adam_JHP

Louise Holgate

I just love this couple shot. The way that the backlighting shines through the couple, and also creates two pathways on either side of the image, ensures that the focus is kept purely on the newlyweds. By keeping the image in greyscale the background does not demand your attention so the attention is purely on the couple in this intimate kissing shot.

Louise Holgate- Amy & John for Folio

Martin Hambleton

This is such a great low-lighting shot, the available light balances the scene and complements the old fashioned architecture. Through including so much of the building, and keeping the couple in the darkened bay below the purple window, the photographer has managed to capture the magical feel and setting of the day in a single image.

Martin Hambleton FO17930 lounge shot

Michael Jackson

I just love the use of bright colour in this image. The newlywed couple stand out from the bright greenery and steal the focus of the scene, the way that they are framed by the hedges on the right ensure that they stay in focus – and it almost looks as though they are walking off into their own Happily Ever After.

Michael Jackson & Co Photography 1

Oliver Jones

This image uses such interesting composition as the spacing gives a very contemporary feel to this couple shot – which is a standard staple in any wedding album. The unconventional pose, with the couple looking away from the camera, keeps it interesting and adds a twist to the traditional shot, whilst the autumnal tones provide the perfect muted background.

Oliver Jones W289_W130511A1801

Paul Maven

This confetti shot uses such interesting composition since the arched doorway frames the bride and draws the attention to her as the focal point of the image. The way the the confetti is streaming behind her also helps the eye to focus on the happy bride as she exits the church. These composition elements provide the perfect frame in what could be a busy scene due to the greenery in the background.

Paul Maven- Sally_Dale_ 0884

Ronan Palliser

This is such a beautiful hero shot. This image of the bride and groom walking across the pale sand with the calm sea in the background is simply stunning. I love the fact that although the serene backdrop doesn’t command the attention, it does help to highlight the romantic moment since the newlyweds only have eyes for each other.

Ronan Palliser_folio

I just wanted to say thank you again to all of our amazing photographers for sending these images through to us!

Enjoy your weekends – and see you next week…