#FFF: 26th April 2013

This week’s Folio Friday Foto comes from Tom Weller’s latest client album.

This week we have another stunning ‘final spread’ image, but this time with a more ‘Alice in Wonderland’ fairytale feel.

The contrast between the darkened surroundings, and the silhouette of the couple, set against the bright sky really makes the image stand out and pop. It has such a magical quality, and with the album finishing on this image it gives the impression that the couple are off to have an adventure!

Here the composition is everything, through keeping the focus on the daylight area that the couple are walking towards you focus on their silhouette, pose, and the sky beyond – you aren’t distracted by the background or surroundings. Your eye is instantly drawn to the couple, creating a fun and inspiring image that is quite unique.

So, here’s an amazing couple shot to kick start your weekend with a sense of magic and adventure:

Rectory Images 2012-130

Image Courtesy of Tom Weller from Tom Weller Photography