#FFF… 14th December 2012

This week’s Folio Friday Foto is taken from Olivia Brabbs’ latest client album.

Once again we have a double feature image – only the embrace shot featured in the finalised album but Olivia kindly asked if we wanted the kiss shot as well, and since they both looked amazing it seemed only right to use them both!

This album had lots of wonderful shots that showcased the location of the couple’s wedding, but these two in particular stand out for their very picturesque appearance. The embrace and kiss in front of the lake, framed by a stone arch on either side, look both stunning and beautifully intimate. The use of black and white also adds an extra dimension to the image and helped to build up the romantic feel that is created by the surrounding. The image is quite simple in its essence, but the simplicity works towards making it [or really, I should say ‘them’] more beautiful, and rather like a fairy-tale ‘…and they lived happily ever after’ shot.

So, as it’s almost Christmas, here’s some captivating and beautiful couple shots to kick off the festive season:

Images kindly supplied by Oliva Brabbs Photography