#FFF… 9th November 2012

This week’s Folio Friday Foto is taken from Yvonne Lishman’s latest client album.

Yvonne used the image as the main part of a landscape spread to start the album, and it definitely made for a great opening image and spread.  The image has a quirky and beautiful boudoir-album look to it, which made for a unique opening spread that instantly captivated team Folio. The bold colours are attention-grabbing on their own, but the bride – Anneka – is definitely the star of the image with her happy, slightly-cheeky, and surprised expression. The matching wall colour, rollers, and nails seem perfectly planned to create such a great shot.

The image made you want to keep turning and see what comes next in the album and the story it told, but the bride looked like she was relaxed and really having fun with the morning bridal preparations shoot.

So, here’s s boudoir-take on a bridal preparations shot for some eye-catching fun to kickstart your weekend:

Image kindly provided by Yvonne Lishman of Yvonne Lishman Photography