#FFF… 19th October 2012

This week’s Folio Friday Foto is taken from Mandy Carter’s latest client album. The week we have another ‘bumper’ post with an action sequence taken from the album.

It is another instance in which signs are used to help tell the story but this time there is one crucial difference – the story is played out as a silent movie drama.

Mandy’s business, Dottie Photography, has a sister company called Dottie Creations. This allows Mandy to help her client’s to style their wedding, and also bring some unique and personalised fun to the day. The spread that these images appeared on instantly stood out for the mini-story played out in the midst of a wedding day. It showed a more adventurous and creative side to the celebrations which we don’t usually see on this scale. Whilst a story is just beginning for the bride and groom in their real lives, they were happy to act out another storyline for the camera as a way to remember and enjoy their wedding day.

Whilst we may not have the usual piano music that tends to accompany old silent movies, I think that this image sequence more than speaks for itself. So here you go – some wedding day melodrama to kick start the weekend:

Image kindly supplied by Mandy Carter from Dottie Photography.