Folio Albums Presents… Pick & Mix Swatches

Previously only available in complete ranges, we have now revamped our swatch keyrings so that you can purchase them as part of a pick & mix service. At Folio HQ we have had many requests about being able to select certain colours from the cover lines as an ulterior option to purchasing the entire range.

Through the pick & mix service you can select any of the colour options from all of our ranges – Contemporary, Vintage, and Eco Leather, Colour Cotton, Canvas, or Silk lines – as a made to order keyring. We know that some photographers prefer not to overwhelm their clients through providing too many options, so this service is tailor-made to help by providing a swatch keyring that is both created to your specifications and ready to present to your clients.

When we make up the pick & mix keyrings we do separate the leather cover options from the fabric swatches to ensure that the underside of the leather does not transfer onto the fabrics, and whilst the canvas range is part of the service they are only available on the 6×6 duplicate copies.

You can still buy bundle keyrings with either all of the leathers, or the fabrics [colour cotton and silk] and get the canvas options as a separate keyring on its own for the parent album choices. The pick & mix service is just a little extra, a way to personalise the cover options that you have and that you present to clients.

You can mix and match across the lines, or still order complete sets of one cover line without having a whole bundle keyring.

The Pick & Mix Swatch Keyrings and all of the Bundle Keyrings in Leather, the Fabrics, and Canvas options are already available to order on the store as a part of our Extras section.

To order from our store you will need to login, but if you don’t have an account with us yet you can register HERE.