Folio Tour Pal… Hayley Ruth

Hayley Ruth is one of the Folio Freedom Tour pals for our Cambridge date. Hayley completely loves being a wedding and portrait photographer, and is happiest when she gets to combine her passion for photography with the magic of her client’s wedding day.

Hayley is truly enthusiastic about her job. Her aim to make each shoot unique and different, alongside her unobtrusive approach, ensures that the photographs she takes reflect both her own style and also the character of her clients. Hayley proudly owns 6 generations of family photographs, and loves how these captured moments can continue to be shared. These photographic heirlooms inspire her style of capturing classic and timeless images that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Through this touch of personal history Hayley understands capturing the emotional journey of her client’s wedding day, and how the small fleeting moments are the ones that are passed down and remembered the most.

I asked Hayley to provide an image that she really loved (and selecting just one was no easy feat) and the image and comment that she provided really shows how she strives to make each shoot as unique as possible.

“I love this shot because it’s a bit different. I am always looking to do things differently, and it can be really hard to capture the details of a wedding in a different way at each time, but it’s not always possible. So when I was walking past the dining room in this brides house and glimpsed this dolls house I knew I had to use it. It’s become an image that brides all talk about when they meet me, and I think it represents how I like to ensure my images are personal and have meaning to each of my clients.”