Folio Tour Pal… Emma Case

Emma Case is our Folio Freedom Tour pal for our Birmingham tour date. Emma completely loves pushing the creative boundaries of wedding photography and she makes every wedding she shoots as unique as possible.

Emma’s introduction to wedding photography occurred when she tried to find a photographer for her own big day, and her search for someone who took the kind of photographs she wanted from her wedding proved difficult. After receiving a camera for Christmas, and trying it out on friends and family, one of her friends pitched the idea that Emma should shoot their wedding. Hearing their plans for their big day, and the type of photographs they wanted, enthralled Emma, and she knew that her photographic style was something that the wedding photography scene was missing. This first wedding shoot ended up on a blog called Rock’n’Roll Bride, ensuring that Emma was instantly noticed as someone to watch. She quickly rose in the photography world and is now at the helm of creative wedding photography [at least here in the U.K.]. Emma’s approach to her photography is to create something artistic, vintage, playful and quirky, whilst remaining simple. Emma states that her passion for wedding photography circles back to the couples who she photographs. These couples, their relationship, the happiness and drama of the day, and the aesthetic appearance of their wedding in itself, are what made wedding photography so fascinating to Emma.

I asked Emma to provide an image that she really loved alongside a small commentary, and the photograph that she provided truly shows how her alternative style captures the beauty and aesthetics of a wedding day.This photograph does, on the one hand, document the day; yet on the other it is truly artistic, making the wedding day itself appear to be an art-form.

“This photograph is from Jen and Chris’ wedding in April. It was taken in Jen’s Nan’s house which Jen and Chris now live in (and where Jen and all her bridesmaids got ready in the morning).

For some reason I just really love this picture. The stillness of the stairs, constantly there… so many events, babies’ born… celebrations got ready for, weddings, funerals.. so many different outfits and shoes passed over that amazing carpet.. so much history.. :)”