Introducing… Folio Van Outen

The Flight of the Folio officially launches this Friday up in Newcastle and we are all working hard, like busy little elves, to get Stewart all ready and set to go on his travels.

Stewart may be the only member of Team Folio who will be touring, but don’t worry – we aren’t sending him out into the big wide world all alone. Instead we have secured a very special friend to accompany him every step of the way…

So allow me to introduce to you someone that we feel will be a show-stealing feature of the Flight of the Folio – Van Outen!

We may have secured wonderful models for each location, but Van Outen is no stranger to photo-shoots herself… check out this head-shot:

[singlepic id=1 w=320 h=240 float=center]


A dark blue, newly converted, 1975 Devon Campervan: Van Outen is adding a little rock ‘n’ roll feel to the tour by helping us to break free of the confines of exhibition halls, and take our products out on the road. Decked out in leather, and containing every chrome extra possible, Van Outen ensures that Stewart will be travelling the U.K. in comfort and style – and we all know that a campervan is the one thing the Jubilee tour is missing!


[nggallery id=1]


Whilst we know that the Folio Friends we will see on the tour are excited to see our Fine Art Albums, and photographer founder, we hope that Van Outen will become a star attraction too.