Marketing and Selling

look at how far you've come, the top of the staircase is in sight!

Marketing and creating a sales workflow for albums is imperative to achieve your revenue goals. Your clients need to know what you offer and it's important to identify what touchpoints you have with your clients. This allows you to give them information at the best possible time in the process. Once your clients purchase an album, it brings even further marketing opportunities such as boosting word of mouth, building brand trust and increasing positive reviews and experiences. So, let's start the cycle.

let's start with marketing

See our top tips below and gain access to our handy to- do list and content calendar bursting with ideas:

  • First up, create an album brochure. This is key to promoting your albums and allows you to put all the information in one place for your clients to view with ease. This is a big task that we can help out with.  We have an editable Canva brochure template and a pick and mix brochure within the Pro Zone on our website.

  • Create a page or section on your website, so your clients and potential clients know you offer albums. It can be an extra reason for clients to choose you.

  • Get your albums everywhere on your social media, show behind the scenes of you designing an album, packaging, client delivery and unboxing. Post videos of you flicking through albums, tips on how to order, your top reasons for ordering an album, the list goes on. This is not meant to be overwhelming. These do not need to be polished or perfect, show you, your clients will connect with you and your values.

now onto sales (without the slime!).

Creating a workflow for your sales process is a great way to map out your sales goals. It takes away any overwhelm out of sales and will only build your confidence. Sales can feel intimidating but we have some special tips and tricks to take the slime out of sales:

  • Plan how you want to offer albums. Layout what touchpoints you have with your clients. When do you naturally communicate with them from booking you to your final delivery?
  • If your clients choose an album as part of their package, the sales process will be very straightforward. If they don't, create a sales funnel so you're not missing any opportunities with them. This could be a series of emails or mini-campaigns at key milestones such as 1 month after a wedding, 1st year anniversary etc.

Check out our downloadable to-do list for a more detailed breakdown of tasks and areas we can help save you time. 

Your Sales & Marketing To-Do List