Top 10 tips to keep busy

10 top ways to use your downtime

  1. Work on your marketing strategy
    There are plenty of powerful tools you can use to help raise your profile so that, when people are keen to begin booking again, you’re the first person they think of. Have a play on social media scheduling sites such as or And make sure you keep posting, even when you’re quiet. You could, for example:
    - Promote discounted vouchers for shoots or products to keep revenue coming in.
    - Share pictures of albums.
    - Share reviews and testimonials.
    - Take people behind-the-scenes in your studio.
    - Run a competition for a free mini-shoot.
    - Promote packages such as album add-ons.
    - Share your favourite feel-good shots from the past year.
  2. Reconnect with clients
    While you have more time available, catch up with previous clients and encourage them to complete orders or make new ones. If they’re quiet too, selecting their favourite images for an album or finalising a design is a great way to fill the time.
  3. Look into local industries
    How could you work together to support one another? Maybe you could diversify into styles of photography you don’t usually offer? Many local restaurants and cafes, for example, are setting up websites offering takeaway services – they may want their food photographing or help with their website. Perhaps when businesses reopen they will need new photography for marketing. It's going to be a difficult time for us all so approach other businesses in a supportive and collaborative manner.
  4. Refresh your website
    Does your branding still work for you? Does your website load quickly enough? Can people easily find what they’re looking for? Does the copy read well? Is your ‘about me’ section up to date? Take an unbiased look at your site or, better still, ask some friends or clients to review it so you’re clear on what can be improved.
  5. Gen up with podcasts
    Podcasts are a great way to keep updated, get colleagues’ views and advice and build your knowledge. We like Shoot Edit Chat Repeat (SECR) and Photography Farm Podcasts. Check out the latest SECR podcast on how to look after yourself and your business during the pandemic.
  6. Develop your business skills
    Being confined to home is a perfect opportunity to learn and develop your skills by reading, listening to audiobooks, doing an online course or watching YouTube videos. Signup for a 1 month free trial of Audible.
  7. Blitz your to do list
    No more distractions or procrastinating…it’s a great time to tick off those things you’ve been meaning to do. Whether it’s redecorating your studio, writing marketing emails or researching new kit, you’ll be glad you did it when you get busy again.
  8. Get your accounts up to date
    Make sure all your receipts and invoices etc are logged and your tax return’s completed. Turn up the tunes or pop on a podcast to help break up the monotony.
  9. Get organised
    Practice your presets to help prepare for your next busy period. Edit your most outstanding images so your portfolio’s looking its best. Streamline your file storage system so you can find things more easily and make sure your files are all backed up. You’ll feel raring to go afterwards.
  10. Do things you enjoy
    Why not indulge your creative side and start a personal project? Maybe get your family involved too. Make sure you also give yourself plenty of time to relax too during these coming weeks – it’s a golden opportunity to slow down.