Increase Your Album Sales

If you’ve got extra time on your hands at the moment, here are some tried and tested ways to encourage extra album sales. As you can order them without face-to-face contact and deliver them straight to clients’ doors, it’s an opportunity to keep revenue coming in while everyone stays safe.

Create a design

Sending a speculative (and indeed spectacular) design to your clients takes a little time, but makes a sale much more likely. It’s less daunting for clients if you’ve already chosen suggested album options. And, when they see their images beautifully laid out, it’s far harder for them to say no.

Did you know there’s an automated design option on our online designer? It lets you create a full design at the click of a button.

Make it easy

The wide array of album options can feel overwhelming for many clients. Some photographers avoid this by following an A/B strategy; instead of offering every option, they offer just two options for each element. Would you like a Fine Art Book or a Matted Album? 12x12 or 10x10? Art White paper or Art White Plus paper? Cover printing or debossing? And so on.

Choose options that best suit you, your business and your clients’ expectations. It’s a selling technique that doesn’t suit everyone, but reducing the options makes decisions, and so the sale, easier to make.

Mark anniversary celebrations

A couple’s first wedding anniversary is a great time to encourage them to buy albums. It is the paper anniversary, after all, and it’s an incredibly thoughtful gift. We see this selling technique a lot and it’s a good starting point if you’ve not been in touch with your clients for a while. You could encourage the couple to each buy an album for one another, or to buy one album to share and enjoy the image selection and creative experience together.

Showcase the options

People buy what they see, so make a feature of your albums. It’s a proven selling technique, especially when offering a luxury product. Get creative, have some fun, style up your albums and then share images of the end result. Or go a step further and make a video of you flicking through an album and talking passionately about why you think they’re so important.

To help you through this tricky time, we’re offering:

20% discount on all client albums 

50% discount on ready-made albums

Want to chat with us about boosting sales or making your marketing count? Or just need some reassurance? We’re always happy to talk – please book a consultation call with us.

Kickstart sales with our email templates

Getting started on writing an email is always the hardest part, so here are some templates to work with. Use them as they are or adapt them to suit your own style.

First email

Hi Name

Hope you’re keeping well.

I’m getting in touch to see if you’ve thought about producing a wedding album? It’s a beautiful keepsake to share for a lifetime, and a lovely way to reminisce and boost positivity during these unusual times.

[Remove if needed]
As we’re nearing your paper anniversary, it’s also a really special way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

[Remove if needed]
I’ve put together an album design, which you can preview here:

If you’re interested, I’ve attached a brochure for you to browse and I’m always happy to chat things through.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes


Follow-up email

Hi Name

Hope you’re staying safe and well. I’m just checking in following my email about producing your wedding album.

If the design isn’t right for you, please let me know. We can work together to make changes so it’s exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a great way to pass the time doing something so special.

If you need any more details or have questions to ask, I’m more than happy to help.

Best wishes