Tour Stop 6: West London

Yesterday Stewart and Van Outen stopped in West London for the sixth day (and location) of the tour. Kate Hopewell-Smith and (a rather belated) Stuart Cooper joined the Folio Freedom Tour for the day and they were both fantastic, hanging out and sharing their experiences with all of the photographers who attended.

Our West London attendees were very excited by our announcement that we are now going to be offering our 6×6 albums as either duplicates OR stand alone albums! For all of you who have enquired about having a bespoke 6×6 design – the time is almost here. The option to order these, and our new price list, will be available once the tour is over and Stewart is back at Folio HQ – but there is not long to wait now. These new stand-alone 6×6 albums will have all the same options available as the larger 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 albums (however, the cover text option will still be engraving only). So if you ever wanted a tiny album with a leather cover – the wait is almost over! Hopefully you’re as excited as we are that our mini albums are joining the ranks of the main albums!

Sadly today we are rather short of model pictures, despite yesterday’s model being incredibly in-demand! Our tour had a beautiful start and end to the day yesterday, but they were hit by a downpour part way through and our model, Aree, got caught out in it with a photographer in the middle of their shoot. Stewart managed to get one shot for us, but it was a post-rain one (however I’m sure you agree, our model still looks very beautiful)

Here’s one of Stewart and Aree at the start of the day:

Here’s Van Outen at a bus stop. I think we need to tell her she’s a camper van (and maybe break the news that camper vans aren’t welcome at Hogwarts):

Stuart Cooper was a very rock ‘n’ roll Freedom Tour Pal showing up at a leisurely 6p.m. yesterday at The Rose & Crown 😉 but we let him off because for most of the day Stuart was an attendee at another event – a ‘Film is Not Dead’ workshop run by Jonathan Canlas. The workshop centres around shooting with film rather than digitally and Stuart found it quite phenomenal and inspiring, discussing the ideas it raised with Stewart as well as our Folio photographer friends. For anyone interested in the idea of shooting with film rather than digitally check out Jonathan’s Film is Not Dead blog or the corresponding book here on Amazon (it even has the ‘Click to Look Inside’ option for a quick preview).

Stuart Cooper thinks he sees a Folio Freedom Tour in the distance:

Yes, he found us! Here he is hanging out with Van Outen:

We had a fantastic turn-out again yesterday, and people were still hanging around and chatting at 9:30p.m! Sadly, our Stewart had to leave (he needed his beauty sleep for Cambridge) but tour pal Stuart took the reins and stayed chatting to everyone long after Stewart left. It’s great to hear that everyone is making the most of the tour, and meeting new faces and chatting photography!


  • Great post. Tooooo excited to see all the lovely new things tomorrow! p.s. I’m sure camper vans would be allowed at Hogwarts. Surely : )

    • Jasmine says:

      The camper van could hang out in the Forbidden Forest with the Weasley’s Ford Anglia, but I’m doubting it would be very good at potions 🙁 poor Van Outen… 😉 Hope that you have/had/are having [depending on when you read this] an awesome day in Leeds!

  • Graham Nixon says:

    Thanks Stewart. Great get together, enjoyed my day out and the new products look like they’ll be very popular. I seem to be missing from the movie, I assume that’s because I’ll appear in the Christmas tapes? : )

  • John Starns says:

    Went along to the ‘West London’ stage of the tour and enjoyed seeing the products and meeting you Stewart. I look forward to making my first order very soon!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to see all your lovely albums and meet you and other wedding photographers.

  • Milly Colley says:

    This was such a nice day. Was great to see all the albums up close and be in a relaxed non-trade show enviroment. I’m just about to design my first Folio album for a wedding client. Looking forward to it.