Studio logo Personalisation

You can personalise your album in many different ways: Black or White Cover Printing, Engraving, Blind Debossing, Gold or Silver Foil Debossing, 22 Carat Gold or Palladium.

The maximum size for your logo is 8cm x 8cm however depending on the style of your logo we may suggest a suitable size. Most people use 7cm as the maximum dimension of their logo.

Please note that personalisation options are not available on Photo Fabric covers.

Blind Debossing / Foil Debossing (aka embossing/blocking/imprinting)

To deboss your logo in to the cover we need to have a bespoke metal die made from your artwork. There is no charge to have your first logo made but we will need a high resolution version of your logo – specification below. If you need help with converting your logo in to suitable formation please get in touch.

If you rebrand there will be a small charge for a replacement metal die.

Cover Printing / Engraving / 22 Carat Gold / Palladium

We also need a high resolution version of you logo for the above personalisation methods – specification below – but as the processes are digital, we do not need to have a metal die made and hence there is no additional fee if you rebrand.


Logo file format


We require a black and white image (no greyscale I’m afraid) with black being the part engraved/imprinted into the cover. Your file needs to be saved in RGB mode with a minimum resolution of 600dpi and a maximum size of 8cm x 8cm. Upsizing a low resolution file won’t work very well as the jagged edges will be amplified. If possible please create your JPG from a high resolution version.

Vector Graphics

We can also accept EPS / PSD / PDF / TIFF files, although we will need to know the required engraving/debossing dimensions. Please get in touch for assistance after you have placed your order.


Want more detail? Head over to the ‘Pro Zone’, once logged into the Shop 🙂